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Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle

Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle
Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle
Brand: WavGen Inc
Product Code: Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle
Availability: 420
Price: $ 8,960.90 $ 6,950.95
Ex Tax: $ 6,950.95
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EarthOnDrive 15-meter imagery offers its 15m Complete Global Best of Landsat ETM7 Image Mosaic as an uncompressed set of 8.917 individual landsat images. Included is a natural-color image mosaic delivered as an ECW set of files, as well as all seven bands featured in the original data. A complete, 36 Terabyte, global high-resolution dataset, is delivered on a set of Hitachi 3TB drives which will need to be purchased separately off of the EarthOnDrive site. This 15-meter imagery is ideal for web mapping, simulation, visualization and GIS applications, and with the additional 4 bands, can also be used for scientific and educational purposes. 

EarthOnDrive 15-meter imagery provides complete, best available from space, substantially cloud-free, global coverage (except Antarctica) of the Earth at 15-meters-per-pixel color resolution, and 30-meter resolution for bands 4-7. Below is a detailed list of bands available for eac of the 8917 swaths in this collection.

Band             Spectral                      Ground

Number        Range(microns)        Resolution(m)

1                    0.450 - 0.515                      30

2                    0.525 - 0.605                      30

3                    0.630 - 0.690                      30

4                    0.750 - 0.900                      30

5                    1.550 - 1.750                      30

6                    10.40 - 12.50                      60

7                    2.090 - 2.350                      30

Pan                0.520 - 0.900                      15

Discover why EarthOnDrive is the preferred imagery for some of the most visible web mapping services; simulation applications; and broadcast, print and film. These EarthOnDrive 15-meter images are available as is with no contractual conditions, but the processed 15-meter ECW Earth Mosaic cannot be resold or re-utilized by the licensee. End-user licenses allow use of the imagery for essentially any creative or technical purpose other than resale or distribution of the product.

Pure EarthOnDrive Color 15-meter resolutions

Uncompressed NASA Source Data as downloaded and unprocessed from source

Complete Global Coverage with less than 1% cloud coverage

Seamless Drop-in 1° x 1° ECW Image Files

Standard WGS84 Geodetic Dtum & Projection

Best Of Landsat ETM7 Source Data

Globally Accurate to <40 meters RMSE

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