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Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle

Brand: WavGen Inc
Product Code: Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle
Availability: 420
Price: $ 8,960.90 $ 6,950.95
Ex Tax: $ 6,950.95
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Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle

EarthOnDrive 15-meter imagery offers its 15m Complete Global Best of Landsat ETM7 Image Mosaic as an uncompressed set of 8.917 individual landsat images. Included is a natural-color image mosaic delivered as an ECW set of files, as well as all seven bands featured in the original data. A complete, 36 Terabyte, global high-resolution dataset, is delivered on a set of Hitachi 3TB drives which will need to be purchased separately off of the EarthOnDrive site. This 15-meter imagery is ideal for web mapping, simulation, visualization and GIS applications, and with the additional 4 bands, can also be used for scientific and educational purposes. 

EarthOnDrive 15-meter imagery provides complete, best available from space, substantially cloud-free, global coverage (except Antarctica) of the Earth at 15-meters-per-pixel color resolution, and 30-meter resolution for bands 4-7. Below is a detailed list of bands available for eac of the 8917 swaths in this collection.

Band             Spectral                      Ground

Number        Range(microns)        Resolution(m)

1                    0.450 - 0.515                      30

2                    0.525 - 0.605                      30

3                    0.630 - 0.690                      30

4                    0.750 - 0.900                      30

5                    1.550 - 1.750                      30

6                    10.40 - 12.50                      60

7                    2.090 - 2.350                      30

Pan                0.520 - 0.900                      15

Discover why EarthOnDrive is the preferred imagery for some of the most visible web mapping services; simulation applications; and broadcast, print and film. These EarthOnDrive 15-meter images are available as is with no contractual conditions, but the processed 15-meter ECW Earth Mosaic cannot be resold or re-utilized by the licensee. End-user licenses allow use of the imagery for essentially any creative or technical purpose other than resale or distribution of the product.

Pure EarthOnDrive Color 15-meter resolutions

Uncompressed NASA Source Data as downloaded and unprocessed from source

Complete Global Coverage with less than 1% cloud coverage

Seamless Drop-in 1° x 1° ECW Image Files

Standard WGS84 Geodetic Dtum & Projection

Best Of Landsat ETM7 Source Data

Globally Accurate to <40 meters RMSE

Kief Ovey | 73 reviews

We recognize and salut the team at EarthOnDrive for their outstanding years of work behind all these world mosaics.
Min Tao | 73 reviews

After starting a set of downloads from the US data servers, we stumbled upon the EOD web site. After a quick set of decisions, the download teams were assigned new roles and we purchased several hard drives of geodata. All data arrived in under 1 week.
Barbara Teicht | 73 reviews

With data licensing from Terraserver and Google Earth now going up, we simply opted for the EarthOnDrive data and we actually feel the color LUTS and data quality is better too.
Ronaldo Potti | 73 reviews

This data would have taken years to download and we simply ordered and within 1 week received our hard drive.
Casey Blatnik | 73 reviews

The EarthOnDrive downloads are a huge help with our summer courses in GIS. Many thanks to the EOD team.
Max Fritz | 73 reviews

The 9000 Landsat TM imagery Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle is an important addition to our image library and we are thankful for the licensing and the complete processing of this order and the quality of data products at EOD.
Joey Payten | 73 reviews

This bundle of the Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle is now used in flight simulations across our subsidiaries in the USA and abroad. EarthOnDrive licensing policies are very attractive compard to others. A no brainer to license and a no brainer to conitnue to license these high quality image datasets.
Uri Selerno | 73 reviews

The Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle is a huge collection of 15m and 30m earth coverage, in a prestine and cloud free color quality. Simly amazing the amount of work which has preceeded this collection at EarthOnDrive.
Dan Dubnell | 73 reviews

The 9000 Landsat TM imagery Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle was a necessary purchase to the compressed 3-2-1 imagery, as we need all 9 channels of the eTM7 sensor, and need all original materials.
Thorsten Rudiger | 73 reviews

The Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle is an outstanding purchase which we are delpoying with Apollo Image Web Server. Data arrived in 2 days after purchase on a 10K specialty drive. We put the drive into our server and instantaneously ran with Apollo.
Gregg Wiley | 73 reviews

The Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle is the most complete and well processed and color balanced seamless imagery dataset money can be. We shopped around a bit and it also happens to be the least expensive.
Jake Turner | 73 reviews

The 9000 Landsat TM imagery Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle contained all original source dtaa and arrives in under 5 days, and is absolutely a must have for anyone who has followed Landsat over the past two decades.
Maureene Schlagle | 73 reviews

The Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle was delivered to our HQ in Europe in under 4 days via fedex and is exactly what we needed in our telecommunication work flow.
Daisy Glover | 73 reviews

My boss told me to iummediately post a positive review concerning the Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle, so thumbs up folks!
Jay Tournier | 73 reviews

It would have taken years to download the 9000 Landsat TM imagery, but thanks to EarthOnDrive we ordered the complete set in under 3 days. The Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle is an excellent compilation.
Ted Schultz | 73 reviews

The amount of time to download these 8500 data sets as ZIP files would have taken years. We highly recommend the Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle collection.
Steve Brooks | 73 reviews

We examined the download times and interoperability of the various site to download government data, then googled and found EarthOnDrive. The data arrived 3 days later on a hard drive. This Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle remains highly recommended.
Frank DiTomasso | 73 reviews

Instead of using EarthExplorer and taking months if not a few years to download and organize 10000 Landsat data sets, we just purchased the Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle and it arrived two days later via FEDEX.
Brad Singer | 73 reviews

We love the Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle. Excellent image processing on the boeing version (great color).
Zhai-Lau Mei | 73 reviews

Excellent Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle which we now enjoy in Asia. Very pleased and much appreciated.
Piere Mondial | 73 reviews

The Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle product is perfect for our UNM image web server needs. We appreciate the kind service and quick turn around times.
Lars Kissel | 73 reviews

The Landsat Best Of Landsat ETM7 EARTH Bundle is priced to last. Most appreciate the service and extra detail to this order.
Susan Nisbette | 73 reviews

This Ladnsat ETM7 collection is an exceptional purchase, we highly recommend it.
Leif Ericson | 73 reviews

The shear amount of data in its original downloadable and georeferenced state would have taken years.
Hai Yakira | 73 reviews

We are a university and are sharing these data across out science departments. You are being referenced with your ISBN numbers and processing.
Saskja Kotchenko | 73 reviews

We are only sad that we discovered your site a few weeks after starting our downloads from the US servers. With hard drive in hand, and delivered under 4 days, we are moving forward happily.
Lo-Mei Liang | 73 reviews

We google searched and bing searched and instead of downloading or streaming and licensing third party data, we simply now own it off of EarthOnDrive
Roland Pitz | 73 reviews

This would have taken years to download and its better on a drive.
Hasni Jaschke | 73 reviews

Your data products are helping our students process and map regions and we are happy for the special summer pricing.
Teri Stade | 73 reviews

This truly is the complete 99.9% cloud free landsat 15m collection, raw, georeferenced, and all 8 channels. Great Job EOD.
Jan Ulrich | 73 reviews

This would have taken years to compile. 9000 Landsat Original 8-channel data, each at 1.2GB in size. We just cut-to-the-chase here and ordered them all at once.
Richard Katz | 73 reviews

We just purchased the whole bunch and have stopped downloading our landsat processing from the USGS. Awesome.
Ida Lath | 73 reviews

Amazing completely original 8,948 Landsat eTM7 images are all 100% cloud free as promised. This is the best of Landsat 2000-2004 data you can buy.
Sandra Neli | 73 reviews

Would have taken years to download. License free too. Great product.
Liang Li-Yang | 73 reviews

We stopped downloading from the USGS and bought all data on a drive. Thank you!
Ludwig Berger | 73 reviews

This would have taken years to download. Thank you.
Hosi Gaban | 73 reviews

Your data products are helping our students process and map regions and we are happy for the special summer pricing.
Francois Fannes | 73 reviews

Amazing 100% cloud free landsat 7 collection. A must have for any remote sensing engineer.
Francis Blan | 73 reviews

The Landsat eTM7 data is a perfect integration to our needs.
Raymond Smith | 73 reviews

Massive Landsat Best of eTM7 data collections. The complete collection is now part of out Columbia University Library.
Clayton Snipes | 73 reviews

We are thankful to have purchased this series of data.
Stephan Oblin | 73 reviews

With the new Landsat 8 products coming soon, I decided to advance my collection of landsat imagery by purchasing. Quite impressive.
Seth Haux | 73 reviews

Our download efforts immediately ceased after discovering that we can order everything in under 2 days on a hard drive. Brilliant.
Andre Mole | 73 reviews

Our Apollo Image Web Server work for our client was serving the Landsat ECW mosaic in under two hours after delivery.
Willi Dosseau | 73 reviews

I cant imagine ho wlong it took to process all these Landsat images into a set of mosics, which thanks to EarthOnDrive, was delivered on a 12TB RAID6 system. Awesome work and greatly appreciated.
Munroe Kanz | 73 reviews

We recently purchased the 8,900 landsat data sets as we found it very difficult to download these with the latest government web sites. Well worth every penny. And packaged nicely on set of hard drives.
Missy White | 73 reviews

After receiving the 4 HDDs from Earthonedrive, we realized what a find the world best of landsat was. 99.9% cloud free.
Rueven Isma | 73 reviews

Our 9000 landsat images just arrived and not a single glitch. As promised. The collection is best of and also perfectly cloud free.
Mack Silver | 73 reviews

Would have taken years to download. License free too!
Yang Li | 73 reviews

We stopped downloading from the USGS and simply procured everything at once. Same data and one time cost.
Francois Bergeron | 73 reviews

This would have taken years to download. Thank you.
Marco Fani | 73 reviews

Great Landsat Collection. 9000 data sets and 15 TBs later...
kathrin Wallis | 73 reviews

We are very, very grateful for your Landsat ETM7 data, thank you.
Emerick Van Stuten | 73 reviews

Thanks for the Landsat eTM7 files. How the heck am I going to get 8945 images processed - oh - thanks for the ECW mosaics :)
Maury Clatte | 73 reviews

We finally have a source of geospatial data here in South Africa - nice Cape Point animations BTW.
Achim Loener | 73 reviews

With Landsat 5 now going off the radar at the USGS, I went ahead and purchased the complete collection of cloud free Satellite data (EOD Bundle). Awesome product and many thanks.
Marcel Enrique | 73 reviews

Considering that it would have taken us months to download this data for our television commercial work here in Europe, we are extremely satisfied with your product.
Anja Spatt | 73 reviews

Thank you for the summer special pricing on the Landsat ETM7 15 meter resolution data. Its seamless and borderless representation is exactly what we need for Apollo Image Web Server.
Justin Mantra | 73 reviews

What an amazing complete selection of Landsat 15m data! I have long desired such a cloud free collection of the earth as a set of satellite image data. Only problem is that it takes up 8TB of storage, which thanks to EarthOnDrive, was delivered on a 12TB RAID6 system. Awesome work and greatly appreciated.
Ali Singh | 73 reviews

Over 5,000 landsat TM7 data sets successfully integrated and counting. We would be totally lost without it guys.
Asad Abbud | 73 reviews

I and my wife are avid travelers. We have purchased over 4,500 Landsat images for our collection. Thank you. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a image data collection.
Miets Mayer | 73 reviews

This is an enormous library of data, and I dont think I can process the lot of 8,900 raw scenes in my lifetime! So I bought the Landsat TM7 EOD data bundle. I Cheated - or did I :)
Lari Duen | 73 reviews

I am very impressed with this amount of data and how you processed this! With over 8,000 images, I cant possibly see how everything was imaeg processed. It looks great but there are artifacts. I understand the mosaicing and color balancing has forced the color schema and compressions, and have become accustomed to the data. Awesome work!
Chris Lamb | 73 reviews

I just got the EOD data bundle and am impressed. How long did it take to process 9000 images?!!
Cecil Jolie | 73 reviews

Loving the data. Well worth the money.
Olaf Burkheimer | 73 reviews

Seriously, this has been the greatest GIS purchase I have ever made. A great data addition to my library.
Jason White | 73 reviews

I started integration this last night to finally catalog geospatial data in ArcGIS. Ill be taking time off work to put them all into the database. Cheers.
Ethan Cody | 73 reviews

I have purchased the besy of landsat data bundle and am very, very happy with my 8,900 swaths.
Nicklas Nordqvist | 73 reviews

I just added a couple of hundred landsat scenes into my ArcGIS program, searchable and information-rich database in just over 20 minutes! Well worth it!!
Nikki Gonzales | 73 reviews

We thought we had about 4500 landsat images complete until we stumbled upon the 9000 Landsat TM7 best of data bundle. It was impossible to remember what we have processed and image handling became a nightmare until we purchased the EOD bundled data, just cross your fingers that they keep the pricing so low!
Graham Chapman | 73 reviews

Great product an delivery. Hard drives rule, especially when you order 12,000 individual data sets at one time, all in a unique directory structure.
Sally Marginet | 73 reviews

I wanted to let you know how happy I am to finally order all this data. Now I have over 7000 landsat and dem data sets, and decided to check out what you have done with the new web site. Not bad. Congrads guys!
Knut Meyers | 73 reviews

I just wanted to thank you folks! I now have 1,300 maps, 500 Topos, and well over 5,000 landsat images, all integrated into ArcGIS on my PC. My PCs hard drive was going flooey and I had to replace it with one of yours - only the data was already on it!!! What a hit! Can I tell you how EASY it was to reinstall everything and sync it with my existing server setup. The few hours I spent entering the info back into the DB was well and safe and made my re-install painless. Again, I thank you for being there and making my life easier!

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