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Brand: NASA (Landsat)
Product Code: LANDSAT 742 MOSAIC
Availability: 440
Price: $ 292.00 $ 255.95
Ex Tax: $ 255.95
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We have processed a very large  and seamless color balanced Landsat TM4/5 30m mosaic. Data is from years 1995-2003. This data totals 6,723 individual 600MB 7 channel landsat scenes that we have downloaded and processed over the years. Although it is possible to download such a magnitude of data, we have done it for you already at a great price. 


WGS84 Geodetic 

Bit Depth 8bit per channel color (unsigned)

World ECW Mosaic

World ECW JPEG2000 Mosaic derived originally from geotiff



100% Cloud Free data over continental landmass

100% cloud free over near shoreline areas



1,912 GB uncompressed (1,912,099,374 bytes)

27.92 GB compressed (27,920,215 bytes)



Resolution 30 meters per pixel

X 1410287 Y 505212

Franz Juri | 17 reviews

Our integration of the LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data was seamless and easily accomplished in under a single afternoon into ArcGIS.
Judoka Fromi | 17 reviews

It would have literally taken years to download, processing, and stitch together these 9000 images, so we decided to order theLANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data and the finished product arrived in under one week. Well done and a truly fine landsat etm7 product.
Jaques Eyrault | 17 reviews

We deploy several image web server technologies including Erdas Apollo, ArcGIS, UNM Mapserver, and IIPimage, and our use and integration of the LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data was almost instantaneous, as was the time of order and delivery.
Romi Lustri | 17 reviews

The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH data we needed to organize an art and trade show with large format prints of the earth, and opted for false color data. These data set from Earthondrive are so very high in resolution and also processing borders and colors, that we will also be purchasing the remaining landsat dat shortly.
Jimmy Day | 17 reviews

The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data was delivered inside of 2 days and we are very happy with the qualithy and the delivery.
Asur Oley | 17 reviews

The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data this classic data set is what we needed for Sikorsky and the 3D real time cockpit simulations. Much appreciated and thanks for the additional 2015 quotes last week.
Gaston Frey | 17 reviews

The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data is a fine mapping edition to our needs and we thank you all for an excellent licensing model which would have cost us much more at Bing or Google.
Nataliya Noir | 17 reviews

The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data is a perfect example of really outstanding image processing and remote sensing.
Goran Vladic | 17 reviews

The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data just arrived, and we licensed it once for our image web server, and we just put the drive into the windows machine and lit the data up. Its simply that easy.
Dustin Gonzalez | 17 reviews

We absolutely love the LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data
Oya Najas | 17 reviews

The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data is an excellent product and we recommend it highly to any data processing and computer graphics facility.
Trevor Smith | 17 reviews

The complete LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data is definitely something every runtime and graphics rendering house should deploy. We also order a few other products and could not be happier with the attention to detail.
Devin Lee | 17 reviews

We use this data together with a military graphics engine and are quite happy. The LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data remains a main staple in our technology portfolio.
Alex Papkin | 17 reviews

This data is complete, easy to register and deploy in all map server applications, amd we simply use the LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data all the time. Our customers appreciate the data as well as the pricing too.
Brent Stade | 17 reviews

Geological Mapping 30m resolution world data with LANDSAT 30m WHOLE EARTH Data works quite well. We augment our classifications with this data and are quite happy. ASTER and EOD Landsat 30m is a good fit.
Michael Kimmel | 17 reviews

Hands down the best data collection for geology and mapping yet. At a price any serious consultant can afford to pay.
Carlsson Junke | 17 reviews

I do quite a bit of GIS in europe, and with over 4,000 data sets it can become difficult to keep track if everything. I already had all of my data cataloged in the database, but purchased these geodata, and now have a new work flow for ArcGIS. Nice!

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