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Brand: NASA (Landsat)
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We have processed a very large  and seamless color balanced Landsat ETM7 15m mosaic. Data is from years 2005-2007. This data totals 8,953 individual 600MB 7 channel landsat scenes that we have downloaded and processed over the years. Although it is possible to download such a magnitude of data, we have done it for you already at a great price. 


WGS84 Geodetic 

Bit Depth 8bit per channel color (unsigned)

World ECW JPEG2000 Mosaic derived originally from geotiff



99% Cloud Free data over continental landmass

99% cloud free over near shoreline areas



8,739 GB uncompressed (8,739,030,482 bytes)

124.87 GB compressed (124,870,445 bytes)



Resolution 15 meters per pixel

X 2810987 Y 1112712

Brett Fernandez | 36 reviews

These ECW mosaics arean incredible bank for your money and we are tremedously grateful for all the support.
Julio Barnes | 36 reviews

We are quite happy with our data purchases from EarthOnDrive and recommend all facets of this companies service and aptitude.
Carol Armstrong | 36 reviews

ECW Mosaics working with our WavGen software is sslwaless, seamless, and accurate in all matters global imagery.
Shei Fenn | 36 reviews

These ECW mosaics are powerful inside of many of our image web server products like UNM and Apollo and IIPimage
Pedro Gonzalez | 36 reviews

We are quite happy with our data purchases and are purchasing again soon.
Carlo Montoro | 36 reviews

We are looking forward to reselling your data and find it some of the best color processing in the industry, thank you kindly.
Brian Fitzgerald | 36 reviews

These ECW mosaics are powerful and so easily integrated into our UNM Map Server technologies. Well done.
Ben Stratton | 36 reviews

We are quite happy with our data purchases last month, and cannot underline the ease at which the data was ordered, integrated, and now useful.
Angel Cortez | 36 reviews

We are looking forward to reselling your data across central and south america. Incredible quality and detail.
Arthur Gilles | 36 reviews

This Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic is exactly what we were looking for. Great color balancing and and LUTS, and image processing quality is very high.
Jennifer Brady | 36 reviews

Our Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic was instantly added to our runtime flight simulator as an ECW enhanced commpression and the whole process to less than 5 minutes.
Mohammed Hulleti | 36 reviews

This Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic is something we did not have in our image collection, and after delivery, we think the pricing is extremely fair.
Forest Ledermann | 36 reviews

Our Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic is working tremendously on our flight simulations. One set of massively compressed files takes care of all our runtime texture needs.
Yomut Wachtel | 36 reviews

This Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic is a fine product we recommend to anyone. Exceptional color balancing and mosaicing performed, and very little cloud cover.
Yon-Bo Pin | 36 reviews

Our Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic is perfectly being served in our project launch this summer. If it were not for the EarthOnDrive folks, this project would have taken months if not years to setup.
Asaf Yokut | 36 reviews

Excellent processing and color balancing on the Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic
Said Hassan | 36 reviews

Greatly enjoying the Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic and this completely beats google earth GE enterprise licensing.
Brittany Weinberger | 36 reviews

This Landsat 15m ETM7 is a massive world image mosaic compressed as ECW (enhanced compressed wavelet). We use it and so do our customers, every day, multiple times per day. And it was much cheaper to license it at EarthOnDrive than at GE (google earth enterprise).
Vladimir Volkov | 36 reviews

We ordered the Landsat 15m ETM7 massive world image mosaic dat afor our simulations engines and are quite happy with the realtime performance of the data.
Ray Maynard | 36 reviews

Amazing an beats google earth enterprise licensing to the punch. We advance these ECW mosaics to everyone visiting this site.
Ken Briggs | 36 reviews

Google Earth Enteprise Licensing is aweful and expensive. Just buy the drive from EarthOnDrive and never worry about licensing data again.
Dave Shilling | 36 reviews

Thank for deliver the first data specs and we are now reselling your fine products. Our custgomers will get the benefit and we make everyone happy.
Karen Bolla | 36 reviews

Very happy to have purchased the technology for image Web Server and ESRI product pipelines we are running in England. Thank you.
Mitch Bissel | 36 reviews

We deploy these ECW image technologies and love the licensing model. Just pruchase once, and as long as you do not resell the data, you never have to pruchase again.
Doug Gripsover | 36 reviews

Dealing with Google Earth licensing is madness. Having them suddenly shutdown our data servers is just as maddening. EOD sodl us the complete package, and we have 100% uptime and a one time cost. Thank you much.
Andrew Phelps | 36 reviews

We are in line to order three more sets of data for our third party subsidiaries. Five plus for a rating and many thanks.
Jennifer Pratt | 36 reviews

The Apollo Image Web Server eats these ECW maps and data sets up with speed and accuracy.
Lori Kleisters | 36 reviews

Great job on the coor landsat mosaics and very punctual delivery. We have great expectations working with EarthOnDrive.
Georgia Kraft | 36 reviews

Unser Apollo Image Web Server im Amazon CS2 Cloud und die ArcGIS 10 Servern haben die Daten sofort integriert. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Partnershaft zur EarthOnDrive
Lhianna Cruxes | 36 reviews

Nach Jahrzehnten der Suche nach einem richtig guten Landsat Mosaic bin ich vor ca. 6 Monaten bei der EarthOnDrive seite hängen geblieben. Seitdem wird die EOD Bundles stetig weiter entwickelt und erneuert, und ich bin sehr zufrieden. Ich habe schon mehrfach aus Versehen Doppel Geodaten eingekauft, weil ich mir nicht sicher war, ob ich das oder jenes schon habe oder nicht. Die Zeiten sind wohl mit dieser EOD Sammlungen vorbei.
Steven Drake | 36 reviews

First off, this data is great... there are some heavy compressions if you zoom right into the data, but for a massive world image mosaic, it is priceless. Overall, a great image processing piece of work...
Beth Young | 36 reviews

I bough this for my husbands christmas present last year as a side dish. He loved it and I am pleased.
Michael Kant | 36 reviews

Organized my geo data library well. Worth the money.
Mitch Bishop | 36 reviews

Years ago I used to pay tons of money for Landsat. $400 would buy me a single unprocessed scene. For that money, I get the earth now. Wow!!
Dale Richards | 36 reviews

Another evolution in image processing. A single data set cost us $400 back in the 1990s, and now you can have the complete digital earth for your image web server.
Charles Darling | 36 reviews

I love the new update to the landsat mosiacs. Thanks to everyone involved. Oh yea, and the additional mapinfo data is WONDERFUL!

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