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Brand: WavGen Inc
Product Code: EOD STRATOFLASH 24TB to 160TB
Availability: 239
Price: $ 6,199.49
Ex Tax: $ 5,766.97
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We incorporate the latest ZPOOL ZFS technology into Debian Jesse Kernel 3.2.46 and install on the Asrock X79 Extreme11 LGA or 11x PCI-E 10XDRX SuperMicro Motherboard technologies. We include optional 10G Intel P540T PCI-E network cards, or the 40G Emulex Skyhawk 14000 series PCI-E network cards. Base RAM configuation is 64GB DDR3 with options to go to 128GB DDR3 on the Asrock Series, or up to 2TB of DDR4 RAM on the SuperMicro X10DRX Series. Base OS hard drive installation on the Samsung Evo Pro series 512GB NVMe Flash. Optional technology includes buying up to 12x twelve 2TB or 4TB spindled or flash NVMe based 2.5" form factor hard drives off of this website for the Asrock Series, or buying up to 10x ten PCI-Express DCP1000 Kingston NVMe Flash M.2 Technology for the X10DRX Series.

This top-of-tier Memory Speed Storage achieves outstanding performace as an enterprise class RAID Zpool storage node. Our proven ZPOOL ZFS technololgy has helped several production, image porocessing, and geospatial studios deliver exceptional storage performance.

 -2400GHz CPU I/O processor around ZPOOL ZFS Linux Technology
 -NVMe triple stack NAND technology for events top of class performance  
 -128GB on-board DDR3 memory or up to 2TB DDR4 Memory for the X10DRX
 -Write-through or write-back cache support   
 -Redundant flash image for subsystem availability   
 -RAID levels as per the ZPOOL ZFS specifications 
 -Multiple RAID selections  
 -Up to 24 NVMe Flash or Spindled HDD's/RAID system or up to 10 NVMe PCI-E DCP1000 Series Cards.
 -Online array roaming   
 -Offline RAID set   
 -Online RAID level/stripe size migration 
 -Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration   
 -Online dynamic volume set capacity expansion 
 -Instant availability and background initialization  
 -Automatic insertion/removal detection and rebuild 
 -Greater than 2TB per volume set
 -6Gbps SATA3 tiered/added performance reaching a whopping 16GB/sec for Asrock Series
 -28Gbps PCI-E tiered/added performance reaching a whopping 32GB/sec for X10DRX Series



Case: SM-54693ST
MB: SuperMicro X10DRX
PSU: SuperMicro dual P4800
CPU: Dual Intel SkyLake
CPU Cooler: Dual SuperMicro SM5600
RAM: Kingston Memory Products up to 2TB
GPU: Onboard VGA
SSD x2: Samsung 850 Pro 128GB boot drives
NVMe: Kingston DCP1000 Series (4-16TB times 10x in count)
Case Fans (3 per system)
Mini PCI Fans (3 per system)
PCI Fan Power Splitter
SATA Cables, 3pk (2 per storage node)


Case: Chenbro RM42300
MB: Asrock Z87 Extreme 11
PSU: Antec 1300 Platinum
CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K
CPU Cooler: Alpine 20 Plus Co Intel LGA2011
RAM: G.SKILL Sniper F3-1866C10D x2 (4)
GPU: Radeon HD 5450
IcyDock ToughArmor MB992SK-B
IcyDock MB994SP-4SB-1 (4 Bay) (3 per storage node)
SSD x2: Samsung 850 Pro 128GB
NVMe: Samsung 850 Pro 2TB (12 per storage node)
Case Fans (3 per system)
Mini PCI Fans (3 per system)
PCI Fan Power Splitter
SATA Cables, 3pk (14 per storage node)


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