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From The Developers

From The Developers

EOD - EarthOnDrive is a team of core software engineers spanning multiple verticals. We develop plugins, tools, and render technologies for 3D Terrain Visualizations, AutoDesk Maya and StudioMax integration, GIS, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, and lidar. Our current woftware rendering technologies such as WavGen Pro have been in the news since 1998, and we invented wavelet based rendering technologies (LOD). Proudly, we present our milestones and achievements in these inegrated industries.

ERDAS Releases Newest ECW JPEG2000 SDK
ERDAS has released the newest version of the V3.3 ECW-JPEG2000 SDK as a compiled 32bit codec and as source code. EarthOnDrive/WavGen has ported the SDK v3.3 to varios flavours of Linux, and OSX, and Windows XP-VISTA-7. EarthOnDrive/WavGen has even finshed the port to 64bit using the source codes provided and as part of the Apple Developer Network, is guaranteeing 64bit snow leopard support in the Fall of 2009. We can guarantee support for all operating systems as well as well as 32bit and 64bit support. ERDAS IMAGINE is a remote sensing application with raster graphics editor abilities desi..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen With Google Glass
EarthOnDrive/WavGen has begun an R&D effort with Apple and Google on delivering 3D terrains in the iPhone 3D glasses app. These preliminary ideas e compass the Google Earth API and the iPhone API and we hope to be able to extract 3D information and develop an application which will allow full resolution and high quality 3D terrains and graphics into the Phone market. Google Glass was developed by Google X, the facility within Google devoted to technological advancements such as driverless cars. Google Glass is smaller and slimmer than previous head-mounted display designs. The Google Gla..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen at the Game Developers Conference (GDC)
EarthOnDrive/WavGen heads to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco CA for meetings with top game developers on ideas to implement its textures into runtime graphics, console, and online games. Still to this day DirectX has dominated textures in games and with new movement to include satellite data into game play (i.e. Tom Clancys H.A.W.X.) EarthOnDrive/WavGen is poised to take part in the action. The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the largest annual gathering of professional video game developers, focusing on learning, inspiration, and networking. The event comprises an..
Terra Media Services and EarthOnDrive/WavGen
Terra Media Services and EarthOnDrive/WavGen terratracer are partnering up to deliver the central european television viewer astonishing and highest quality HD renderings of major sports coverages. There are a variety of projects planned for 2009 and 2010 and we are well positioned to deliver software plugins and tools to the group in Germany producing these coverages.. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film and television, as a web application or for Mobile services,..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen Partners with Global Mapper LLC
EarthOnDrive/WavGen has partnered with Global Mapper LLC (Globalmapper) as a reseller of there image processing software. This will allow our present customer base to author spatial geodata and satellite data at a lower cost to production than most other satellite and aerial processing software packages (including ESRI, TNT Mips, PCI Easypace, ERMapper, and ERDAS Imagine). Global Mapper is a geographic information system (GIS) software package currently developed by Blue Marble Geographics that runs on Microsoft Windows. The GIS software competes with ESRI, GeoMedia, Manifold System, and Ma..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen Used at the DLR (Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt)
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and the Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt plan on further advancing Mars Terrain Visualizations and many sports coverages and animated content using newest satellite data and aerially scanned data. The team is very motivated to finish project work in Multimedia and Entertainment using a variety of geodata for Olympic Coverages in Vancouver through to the Alpin Ski World Cup in Held in Garmish, Germany. The German Aerospace Center (German: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.), abbreviated DLR, is the national center for aerospace, energy and transportation research ..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Terra Media Once Again
Terra Media Services led by kathrin Pfau and EarthOnDrive/WavGen have planned a partial re-emergence of the old Terratracer company which had started the field of 3D Terrain Visualization in 1999 with the flagship project Tour de France 2000. We are excited to work together again as founders of Terratracer and look forward to projects in the year 2009. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film and television, as a web application or for Mobile services, graphic or animat..
WavGen Pro Optimized
EarthOnDrive/WavGen Renames its software from Terrashader to WavGen Pro noting the affinity to geodata and satellite data (terra) and texture and UV mapping (mapper). EarthOnDrive/WavGen also plans on releasing a new set of optimized compression routines to support Intels next generation of hardware that promises to better manage virtual memory across Intels multi-threading core technology. UV mapping is the 3D modeling process of making a 2D image representation of a 3D models surface. his process projects a texture map onto a 3D object. The letters "U" and "V" denote the axes of the 2D te..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Too Fast Too Furios
EarthOnDrive/WavGen is supplying renderpower to graphic artists behind the Too Fast Too Furious project in a Earth powers of ten shot opening sequence. This maya pipeline using separate passes for clouds, shadows, landmass, water, and atmosphere will be using very large satellite and quickbird textures compressed with EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Eons Ozone for Couds. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is a 2006 American action film directed by Justin Lin, produced by Neal H. Moritz and written by Chris Morgan. It is the third installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise. The film stars ..
Digital Domain and EarthOnDrive/WavGen Partner Up
Digital Domain and EarthOnDrive/WavGen supply several Lightwave renderings for animations used in several movies. Many very high resolution backdrop passes were prepared by compressing stitched imagery and subsequently set to a hemiomorphic half dome. Fast render performance and ease of use has successfully placed EarthOnDrive/WavGen in one of Southern Californias premiere Studios.. Digital Domain is an American visual effects and digital production company based in Playa Vista, California. The company is known for creating digital imagery for feature films, advertising and games, from its ..
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Drone Swarm Mapping
EarthOnDrive has put together a team of electronic & systems experts, remote sensing and photogrammetric software engineers, and signal processing engineers, and has developed the Drone Swarm Mapping technology, consisting of 40 UAV Drones, able to mount thermal SWIR and FLIR and Color camera sets onto a mapping grid of over 1 Mile by 1 Mile. Projects that we will be deploying our swarm mapping technology on are mining and mineral mapping, large solar panel cluster assessments, griding technologies, construction site analysis, industrial on-site assessment and analysis, infrastructure p..
Top-Of-Tier 100G Storage
Tererra Incorporated has integrated newest hardware technologies together with custom operating system enhancements to deliver an accelerated storage solution that is very cost effective. Many companies would like to invest heavily in 10G, 40G, or even 56G network topographies in 2015 and 2016. This customer demand also requires a cost effective storage solution which can handle these speeds. Switch manufacturers are making this a cost effective investment with newest pricing strategies and affordable switches and network cards. Storage manufacturers however, are not effectively targeting cust..
Tererra Invests in Global 10G Datahighway
The Tererra Network provides enhanced ISP services, and provides a single fully integrated connectivity solution. The Tererra Network is a world spanning Ethernet/IP network that runs over our privately managed network infrastructure along with its other network products including StratofLash storage, Stratorender GPU rendering, SDN/MPS, Ethernet and Wave Division Multiplexing services. The Tererra Network works as a community of interest network, enabling all its members to predictably control the distribution of data delivery between customer sites in a way that would otherwise only be ac..
EarthOnDrive and SGC Deliver Europe at 50cm to 1m
We are pleased to announce the complete and 100% cloud free data over all of the European Union in 2016. The data has been amassed through five years of mapping and project work. It is delivered as GeoTIFF on more than 10TB of hard drives, with a WGS84 and Geodetic datum and projection. We can grid-n-tile the data as you like, in a variety of geospatial file formats.  ..
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