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From The Developers

From The Developers

EOD - EarthOnDrive is a team of core software engineers spanning multiple verticals. We develop plugins, tools, and render technologies for 3D Terrain Visualizations, AutoDesk Maya and StudioMax integration, GIS, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, and lidar. Our current woftware rendering technologies such as WavGen Pro have been in the news since 1998, and we invented wavelet based rendering technologies (LOD). Proudly, we present our milestones and achievements in these inegrated industries.

EarthOnDrive/WavGen Supports BIM and Architectural VIZ
Partnered with the makers of AutoDesk VIZ, EarthOnDrive/WavGen initiated the use of its standardized dynamic link libraries in AutoDesk VIZ and VR4MAX. Now urban planning and architecture visualization.bizpanies have a solid and seamless 2D and 3D authoring and rendering viz pipeline with an industry standard runtime.bizponent (VIZ-VR4MAX). Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation that makes software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. Autodesk is headquartered in San Rafael, California, and features a ..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen Goes Runtime With Electronic Arts
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Electronic Arts embark on proof of concept research and development to replace Microsofts DirectX9 Texture Compression (DXTC) with EarthOnDrive/WavGenTC Texture Compression. This forms the worlds first mega-texture application using wavelet technology and coins the term next-generation games and photo-realism in runtime game space. Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA), also known as EA Games, is an American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games headquartered in Redwood City, California, U.S. Founded and incorporated on May 28, 1982 by Trip Hawkins, the ..
WavGen Pro Version 1.0 Released
EarthOnDrive/WavGen releases its first standardized cross plattform dynamic link libraries for all of its software support. This includes Maya7, 3D Studio Max8, XSI 5.0, Lightwave 8.5, with support for all 3rd party tools, plug-ins, and renders (i.e. Brazil, MentalRay, FinalRender, Vray, etc...). Founded in 1993 as DBS GmbH, the EarthOnDrive/WavGen branded name became Terratracer in 1998 with the projects surrounding the Tour de France out of Ludwigsburg, Germany. From here EarthOnDrive/WavGen further developed the Software to support massive megatextures within the all main 3D modeling and..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & nWave Digital Team Up for Wild Safari 3D
EarthOnDrive/WavGen delivers geodata and its 3D pipeline for the IMAX film "Safari 3D - Big Four" to nWave Pictures in Belgium in cooperation with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena CAlifornia. Using Landsat ETM7 and Digital Globe Quick Bird geodata, EarthOnDrive/WavGen delivered hundreds of Gigabytes of Data and the software pipeline based on Maya/Mentalray to deliver 5K animation sequences of "hot-spots" in Southern Africa. nWave Pictures is a fully integrated digital studio handling all phases of production. From concept developpement, financing, production and post-production to ..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen Delivers Global Licensing for ASO Tour de France
EarthOnDrive/WavGen delivers its 2D and 3D pipeline technology to visualize the Tour de France 2005 world picture. The Outdoor Life Network, all European & Asian television stations, and 72 other international broadcasters licensed Trimarans World Tour de France animations with technology built by EarthOnDrive/WavGen through the ASO. Created in 1903 and now the worlds third biggest sporting event, the Tour de France is a 3 week-long race held in July that attracts the best cyclists from around the globe. Between 20 and 22 teams of 9 racers wind their way across France, sometimes crossing ov..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & Philips ASPEX Semi-Conductor
ASPEX Philips semi-conductor and EarthOnDrive/WavGen bring our a PCI express card black box solution for very fast batch.bizpression of JPEG2000 images of enormous size. Potential benefits for defense and entertainment facilities are enormous. Aspex Semiconductor has revealed that da Vinci Systems, a provider of colour enhancement and image restoration products, is using its Linedancer processors to help enable the expansion of the Resolve product line and introduce the PowerGrid acceleration platform. Aspex is a fabless semiconductor company specialising in the delivery of extreme proce..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & nWave Digital Picture Partner Up
EarthOnDrive/WavGens Technology is working in the animation studios at nWave Pictures and nWave Digital towards two IMAX features. The first is the IMAX 3D production "Brain Power - Tour de France" and the second is the IMAX production "Kalahari - The Big Four". nWave Pictures is a fully integrated digital studio handling all phases of production. From concept developpement, financing, production and post-production to sales and distribution of state-of-the-art 3D/4D films. Our knowledge and understanding of the digital revolution offers us a vantage point from which we can scrutinize futur..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & Trimaran Deliver the Tour de France in 3D
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Terratracer have once again regained the control of 3D terrain animation technology for the global Tour de France stage animations by supplying its partner Trimaran with the necessary software to animate vast regions in France. Through ASO and Trimaran, we are assured project participation through 2010. 3D animated designs using geographical data to recreate the Tour de France routes, stages and summits, for live TV program coverage broadcasted in 80 countries around the world. Trimaran offers three activities : a 3D Studio and Visual effects for film, television ..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & Terra Media Deliver the Tour de France in 3D
We thought a nice little summary of projects to date would help our software user base better understand our projects and the merger of Terratracer Inc and EarthOnDrive/WavGen into a heavy duty player in the software development industry. At the 2000 Tour de France shows the ARD animated 3D flights with which the stages are shown in almost photorealistic quality. In order to offer the cycling interested viewers an overview of the daily course of the road, showing the ARD / Saarland Radio in their Tour de France coverage of each stage 3D animated flights. Here, the road profile with its h..
Mount Everest - 4Runners of Adventure
Partnered with Terratracer Inc last year, EarthOnDrive/WavGen delivered some of the worlds most stunning HD VFX animations of Mount Everest. Sponsored by Toyota, "Mount Everest - 4Runners of Adventure" was aired on ABC and OLN on prime time for one whole season, culminating in a race to climb mount everest. Some of our unique animations are over in the gallery section for review. The "Global Extremes" competition will challenge teams of amateur athletes in a series of elimination events in places such as Moab, UT; Elk Mountain, CO; and Kalahari, South Africa. The challenges will eliminate a..
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Landsat 9 Missions
Development of the OLI-2 and TIRS-2 instruments is progressing, and both are on target for integration with the spacecraft in mid-2019. The instruments are rebuilds of those onboard Landsat 8; however, TIRS-2 has improved stray light performance through improved telescope baffling and improved position encoder for the scene select mechanism, both issues on the Landsat 8 TIRS instrument. The Landsat 9 ground system and Mission Operations Center (MOC) are progressing through their respective milestones.  Landsat 9 remains on schedule for a December 2020 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base..
NAB 2018, Las Vegas
Join us with our Drone Swarm Mapping technologies at the NAB in Las Vegas this year. Drones are flying at there own Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion this year. Don't forget to attend a number of sessions including aerial cinematography techniques, live broadcasting and US Part 107 certification. Our attendees will get to see our new product launches including electronics for swarm mapping and our SDK's based on Positioning, Ethereum, FCL, Mavros, OctoMap, OMPL, ROS, and web3. NAB Show 2018 is home to the world’s largest collection of vendors driving the future of media and entertainment. ..
GEO Business U.K. 2018
EarthOnDrive will be presenting its latest technologies and mapping software at the GeoBusiness, U.K. on May 22-23, 2018. The GEO Business show has grown every year since its inception, and the 2018 show looks set to be the most successful show to date with more exhibition space and a brand new seminar program. The event will return to the Business Design Centre, in London, UK, May 22-23. Since its record-breaking 2017 event last year, which welcomed 2,386 geomatics and geospatial professionals from around the world (a 48 percent increase since the launch in 2014), the exhibition has expand..
WavGen Pro V3.0 Released
Developers of the first real-time ray-tracing and global illumination Texturing Solution based on wavelet theory, WavGen Pro allows computer graphics users working with Maya 2017/18 and 3D Studio Max 2017/18 3D the abilithy to model, render, and animate literally terabytes of imagery and thousands of hypershade nodes. WavGen announces new and updated plugins for Linux, OSX, and Windows,  that further integrate wavelet technologies with Autodesk’s line of 3D modeling, rendering, and runtime applications. We now have exporter plugins for work flows in gaming (Unity, Scene Graph, Unreal, Cry..
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