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Top-Of-Tier 100G Storage

Top-Of-Tier 100G Storage

Tererra Incorporated has integrated newest hardware technologies together with custom operating system enhancements to deliver an accelerated storage solution that is very cost effective. Many companies would like to invest heavily in 10G, 40G, 56G and 100G network topographies in 2018. This customer demand also requires a cost effective storage solution which can handle these speeds. Switch manufacturers are making this a cost effective investment with newest pricing strategies and affordable switches and network cards. Storage manufacturers however, are not effectively targeting customers that desire faster 10G, 40G, 56G and 100G speeds from clients to the storage. These storage manufacturers are also tied tightly with what we call „spindled technology“ and hold strategic alliances with Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital, et cetera. These storage companies offering this „old school storage“ cannot allow newest flash based storage technologies to enter into the market. The biggest problem with many current storage manufacturers is the customers cost of ownership, and the limited band-­width and speed that even their most expensive solutions offer.

Many customers have already been burdoned by heavy investments in 1G to 4G network and storage topographies over the last ten years. These solutions are very complicated to setup, requiring a trained and experienced IT work force. These older storage technologies also require extensive server room AC and electricity costs, and the cost of yearly maintenance and support contracts are an additional customer expense. It seems as if these storage manufacturers simply wish to extend their concept of storage, as something that requires exceptional investment for most small and medium sized companies, and are not able to completely understand the playing field.

What is simply missing is a storage device, or set of storage devices, that can be setup as a single unit or a set of parallel clustered systems in a network topography, and are also designed to scale to petabytes of storage and provide access rates well above 100s of GB/s. The storage must be cost effective, and must also require a small server room foot print. Most importantly, the network storage must support 10G, 40G, 56G and 100G network topographies in a consumer friendly way, never requiring expensive swappable hard drives, exhuberant electriity costs, manual skilled labor to maintain, and also would not require enormous yealry maintenance and support contracts.

Jorg Mohnen Posted by Jorg Mohnen

Mr. Mohnen has co-founded a number of companies, including Tererra Inc, WavGen, Dirima Inc, and EarthOnDrive. He combines deep technical knowledge with extensive business and entrepreneurial experience. Mr. Mohnen has been a technology evangelist since his studies at Yale and abroad.

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