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WavGen Pro Version 3.0 Released
The developers of the WavGen Pro are proud to announce the release of the latest 3D rendering tools and technology for unlimted UV Maps, Textures, Displacement Shaders, as a true Megatexture Technology.  WavGen Pro allows you to use unlimited size image textures within the latest versions of Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage XSI, and LightWave 3D, with support for all (100%) third party tools and tecnologies (i.e. Vray, Mentalray, Final Render, see EarthOnDrive/WavGen patented technology includes patented spherical and elliptical filtering, procedural texturi..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and the USGS Official
EarthOnDrive/WavGen to deliver a variety of USGS, Defense, Military, Federal Aviation, and NGA maps and charts to the consumer on hard disk. EarthOnDrive/WavGens direct involvement in government and defense SBIR projects have allowed such a massive collection of maps and charts, and through our image processing department, have made these maps a service solutions available to all consumers that can now easily order and access literally 100,000s of data sets in under 2-3 business days for CONUS (Contingent US Coverages). The United States Geological Survey (USGS, formerly simply Ge..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & the United States Coast Guard
Through a joint operations small business initiative contract with the United States Coast Guard, EarthOnDrive/WavGen has processed a complete set of US maps and charts and spatially referenced geodata that includes WACs, TACs, JOGs, IFRs, IFRlows, IFRhighs, VFRsectionals, HELIs, DRG24ks, DRG66ks, DRG100ks, DRG250ks. Satellite data included in the SBIR was a 15m Landsat ETM7 Color composite of the earth, a 30m digital elevation model of the whole earth derived from the XSAR SRTM 2000 mission, and a color band 7-4-2 image composite of the earth at 30m resolution. The United States Coast Guar..
The 2010 Olympics in Astounding 3D Animations
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Terra-Meida-Services are partnered and we are delivering geodata for the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver British Columbia. We have delivered Vancouver and Whistler to the North in very high resolution for 3D Animation on European Television, and are also delivering the 15meter world data set and the 30m DEM files for this sports coverage event. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film and television, as a web application or for Mobile services, graphi..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Amazons Cloud Renderfarm
EarthOnDrive/WavGen Finishes its R&D surrounding cloud computing (Amazon CS2) and www.scalr com and can offer customers the ability to DD an image to a virtual cloud renderfarm using WavGen Pro software. This allows our customers the ability to increase the amount of rendernodes to 100 or even 1000 in times of a production deadline. This particular render farm solution is a network licensing model where a two week or 1 month set of builds are pre-configured by our IT staff for your needs. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a central part of Amazon.coms cloud computing platform, Amazon We..
This Years Tour de France Visualized
EarthOnDrive/WavGen is partnered to deliver high quality world geodata coverages for the Tour de France 2009-2010. We have delivered geospatial data covering several departments in France and we have Trimaran and Terra Media utilizing our software for the event. Together with this satellite amd aerial geodata, our plugins are being used to visualize these mountainous areas in 3D Studio Max - Vray. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film and television, as a web applica..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and GeoEye Partner Up
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and GeoEye have engaged in a reseller relationship to approach entertainment and game facilities with the newest satellite & aerial data - namely OrbView-2, GeoEye-1, Ikonos, and Lidar and aerial color data. We hope that these data compliment our expertise in maps & charts, as well as our 100% complete earth coverage of XSAR SRTM Digital Elevation Data, and our 100% complete coverage of the earth with Landsat TM4-5 30m and Landsat ETM7 15m data. GeoEye Inc. (formerly Orbital Imaging Corporation or ORBIMAGE) was an American commercial satellite imagery company bas..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen partners with E-Powergate Rendercore
EarthOnDrive/WavGen partners with E-Powergate Rendercore with Nations largest Renderfarm. EarthOnDrive/WavGens Technology is now working hard in the nations largest commercial renderfarm. Respower is using our technology to allow its 1000 CPUs the luxury of handling unlimited file sizes and unlimited amounts of textures in 1000s of render nodes. With all customers heading to use the unsurpassed speed of this CPU intensive sight, EarthOnDrive/WavGen will allow these users the pleasure of modelling locally, and compressing heavy files, and then sending them to Hollywood for efficient renderin..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & terra Media Services
EarthOnDrive/WavGen has licensed its complete digital earth catalogue to Terra Media Services, Stuttgart, Germany for their continued success in being one of the worlds premier pre-rendered 3D terrain animation studios. The founders of EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Terra Media Services have a common ancestry as they founded the company terratracer GmbH in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1999 to spearhead highest quality 3D terrain animations. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film ..
ERDAS Releases NextGen ECW JPEG2000 SDK
ERDAS has released the newest version of the V4.1 ECW-JPEG2000 SDK as a compiled 32bit-64bit codec. EarthOnDrive/WavGen will be releasing the Maya 2011, 3D Studio Max 2011, SoftImage XSI 10, and Lightwave 10 applications in the Fall of 2010. Heavy testing and portability to Vray, Brazil, FinalRender, Mentalray, and all the thrid party tools, plugins, and render engines will ensure a solid maintenance and support track record for 2011. ERDAS IMAGINE is a remote sensing application with raster graphics editor abilities designed by ERDAS for geospatial applications. The latest version is 2013,..
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Drone Swarm Mapping
EarthOnDrive has put together a team of electronic & systems experts, remote sensing and photogrammetric software engineers, and signal processing engineers, and has developed the Drone Swarm Mapping technology, consisting of 40 UAV Drones, able to mount thermal SWIR and FLIR and Color camera sets onto a mapping grid of over 1 Mile by 1 Mile. Projects that we will be deploying our swarm mapping technology on are mining and mineral mapping, large solar panel cluster assessments, griding technologies, construction site analysis, industrial on-site assessment and analysis, infrastructure p..
Top-Of-Tier 100G Storage
Tererra Incorporated has integrated newest hardware technologies together with custom operating system enhancements to deliver an accelerated storage solution that is very cost effective. Many companies would like to invest heavily in 10G, 40G, or even 56G network topographies in 2015 and 2016. This customer demand also requires a cost effective storage solution which can handle these speeds. Switch manufacturers are making this a cost effective investment with newest pricing strategies and affordable switches and network cards. Storage manufacturers however, are not effectively targeting cust..
Tererra Invests in Global 10G Datahighway
The Tererra Network provides enhanced ISP services, and provides a single fully integrated connectivity solution. The Tererra Network is a world spanning Ethernet/IP network that runs over our privately managed network infrastructure along with its other network products including StratofLash storage, Stratorender GPU rendering, SDN/MPS, Ethernet and Wave Division Multiplexing services. The Tererra Network works as a community of interest network, enabling all its members to predictably control the distribution of data delivery between customer sites in a way that would otherwise only be ac..
EarthOnDrive and SGC Deliver Europe at 50cm to 1m
We are pleased to announce the complete and 100% cloud free data over all of the European Union in 2016. The data has been amassed through five years of mapping and project work. It is delivered as GeoTIFF on more than 10TB of hard drives, with a WGS84 and Geodetic datum and projection. We can grid-n-tile the data as you like, in a variety of geospatial file formats.  ..
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