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EarthOnDrive/WavGen and GeoEye Partner Up
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and GeoEye have engaged in a reseller relationship to approach entertainment and game facilities with the newest satellite & aerial data - namely OrbView-2, GeoEye-1, Ikonos, and Lidar and aerial color data. We hope that these data compliment our expertise in maps & charts, as well as our 100% complete earth coverage of XSAR SRTM Digital Elevation Data, and our 100% complete coverage of the earth with Landsat TM4-5 30m and Landsat ETM7 15m data. GeoEye Inc. (formerly Orbital Imaging Corporation or ORBIMAGE) was an American commercial satellite imagery company bas..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen partners with E-Powergate Rendercore
EarthOnDrive/WavGen partners with E-Powergate Rendercore with Nations largest Renderfarm. EarthOnDrive/WavGens Technology is now working hard in the nations largest commercial renderfarm. Respower is using our technology to allow its 1000 CPUs the luxury of handling unlimited file sizes and unlimited amounts of textures in 1000s of render nodes. With all customers heading to use the unsurpassed speed of this CPU intensive sight, EarthOnDrive/WavGen will allow these users the pleasure of modelling locally, and compressing heavy files, and then sending them to Hollywood for efficient renderin..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen & terra Media Services
EarthOnDrive/WavGen has licensed its complete digital earth catalogue to Terra Media Services, Stuttgart, Germany for their continued success in being one of the worlds premier pre-rendered 3D terrain animation studios. The founders of EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Terra Media Services have a common ancestry as they founded the company terratracer GmbH in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1999 to spearhead highest quality 3D terrain animations. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film ..
Olympics 2010 in Vancouver Visualized
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Terra-Meida-Services are partnered and we are delivering geodata for the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver British Columbia. We have delivered Vancouver and Whistler to the North in very high resolution for 3D Animation on European Television, and are also delivering the 15meter world data set and the 30m DEM files for this sports coverage event. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film and television, as a web application or for Mobile services, graphi..
ERDAS Releases NextGen ECW JPEG2000 SDK
ERDAS has released the newest version of the V4.1 ECW-JPEG2000 SDK as a compiled 32bit-64bit codec. EarthOnDrive/WavGen will be releasing the Maya 2011, 3D Studio Max 2011, SoftImage XSI 10, and Lightwave 10 applications in the Fall of 2010. Heavy testing and portability to Vray, Brazil, FinalRender, Mentalray, and all the thrid party tools, plugins, and render engines will ensure a solid maintenance and support track record for 2011. ERDAS IMAGINE is a remote sensing application with raster graphics editor abilities designed by ERDAS for geospatial applications. The latest version is 2013,..
Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS)
Through a federal government project to generate an online formerly used defense site (FUDS) presence, EarthOnDrive/WavGen has created a nationwide FUD site mapping server using the UNM Mapserver technology and the ESRI ArcGIS map server technology. Programmed in PhP-Mapscript and using a postgress-mySQL back end, users can interactively query FUD sites, and run DB queries using state of the art back end technology. Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) are properties that were owned by, leased to, or otherwise possessed by the United States and under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Defen..
Ski Alpine World Cup Visualized
EarthOnDrive/WavGen is partnered to deliver high quality world geodata coverages for the Ski Alpine World Cup 2009-2010. We have delivered Park City, Lake Placid NY, 15 coverages in Europe and Canada, and California in satellite amd aerial geodata, and our plugins are being used to visualize these mountainous areas in 3D Studio Max - Vray. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business, culture and television. Fascination 3D landscapes for film and television, as a web application or for Mobile services, graphic or animated, as a desi..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen Releases Complete Digital Earth
EarthOnDrive/WavGen finishes its 10 year effort for a complete Digital Earth which anyone can own and license for under $8000. The includes a perfectly matching digital elevation model at 30m ground resolution. The complete digital earth is made up of 8,700 Landsat ETM+7 scenes in true color and takes over 5TB of storage and compressed via ECW, reduces the size down to 498GB for a single ECW file. The launch of EarthOnDrive now allows anyone 2-3 day access/delivery for very large landsat image mocaics and other data processing on this web site are copyright protected data and require licens..
EarthOnDrive is Born
EarthOnDrive/WavGen, now an official data reseller of the USGS and NASA, and founded in 1997 as DBS GmbH and Terratracer, has gone back to its roots redefining its business model. According to Mr. Mohnen, EarthOnDrive/WavGen will (1) be a service provider for image processing, remote sensing, GIS, aerial photo processing and (2) provide custom middleware solutions to handle and visualize this geospatial data, and finally (3) will deliver high quality visual effects and production work to clients in need of this type of service (for TV, Film, Entertainment, commercials, and special events). ..
EarthOnDrive/WavGen and Terra Media Full Throttle
With the partnership between Terra Media Services and EarthOnDrive/WavGen at full throttle, EarthOnDrive/WavGen is helping to seed the technology and workflow for several 2009 projects which includes the use of several WavGen Pro TerraMapper licenses. "We are very happy the two of the foundign team members who started Terratracer GmbH 10 years ago, are now pertnered again and moving virtual terrains" says Mr Mohnen, CEO of EarthOnDrive/WavGen. See www.terra-media-services.de for details. Terra Media Services is a multimedia production. We produce films, animations and graphics for business,..
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Landsat 9 Missions
Development of the OLI-2 and TIRS-2 instruments is progressing, and both are on target for integration with the spacecraft in mid-2019. The instruments are rebuilds of those onboard Landsat 8; however, TIRS-2 has improved stray light performance through improved telescope baffling and improved position encoder for the scene select mechanism, both issues on the Landsat 8 TIRS instrument. The Landsat 9 ground system and Mission Operations Center (MOC) are progressing through their respective milestones.  Landsat 9 remains on schedule for a December 2020 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base..
NAB 2018, Las Vegas
Join us with our Drone Swarm Mapping technologies at the NAB in Las Vegas this year. Drones are flying at there own Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion this year. Don't forget to attend a number of sessions including aerial cinematography techniques, live broadcasting and US Part 107 certification. Our attendees will get to see our new product launches including electronics for swarm mapping and our SDK's based on Positioning, Ethereum, FCL, Mavros, OctoMap, OMPL, ROS, and web3. NAB Show 2018 is home to the world’s largest collection of vendors driving the future of media and entertainment. ..
GEO Business U.K. 2018
EarthOnDrive will be presenting its latest technologies and mapping software at the GeoBusiness, U.K. on May 22-23, 2018. The GEO Business show has grown every year since its inception, and the 2018 show looks set to be the most successful show to date with more exhibition space and a brand new seminar program. The event will return to the Business Design Centre, in London, UK, May 22-23. Since its record-breaking 2017 event last year, which welcomed 2,386 geomatics and geospatial professionals from around the world (a 48 percent increase since the launch in 2014), the exhibition has expand..
WavGen Pro V3.0 Released
Developers of the first real-time ray-tracing and global illumination Texturing Solution based on wavelet theory, WavGen Pro allows computer graphics users working with Maya 2017/18 and 3D Studio Max 2017/18 3D the abilithy to model, render, and animate literally terabytes of imagery and thousands of hypershade nodes. WavGen announces new and updated plugins for Linux, OSX, and Windows,  that further integrate wavelet technologies with Autodesk’s line of 3D modeling, rendering, and runtime applications. We now have exporter plugins for work flows in gaming (Unity, Scene Graph, Unreal, Cry..
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