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EOD Bundle 2021 Cartography

EOD Bundle 2021 Cartography

File-based 1:24K, 1:100K, 1:250K DRG TOPO Maps are available on a HDD at Terratorrent and are indexed by both quad name and quad number (SGID Q Number). Terratorrent also provides an EOD Bundle complete CONUS (Contingent USA) coverage, as well as a state-by-state package on a HDD.

Complete SEAMLESS and Collarless Data Bundle from Earth On Drive

  • USGS TOPO Maps - Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) USA 1:24K
  • USGS TOPO Maps - Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) USA 1:100K
  • USGS TOPO Maps - Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) USA 1:250K 
  • Scanned in original very high resolution (40MB per file)
  • 293,412 individual seamless / collarless maps
The United States Geological Survey (USGS), a civilian Federal agency, produces several national series of topographic maps which vary in scale and extent, with some wide gaps in coverage, notably the complete absence of 1:50,000 scale topographic maps or their equivalent. The largest (both in terms of scale and quantity) and best-known topographic series is the 7.5-minute or 1:24,000 quadrangle. This scale is virtually unique to the United States and offers a convenient relation to customary units of measure where 1 map inch equals 2,000 actual feet. USGS also publishes 1:25,000 maps for metric uses, 1:100,000 maps covering 30 minutes latitude by one degree longitude, 1:250,000 covering one by two degrees, and state maps at 1:500,000 with California, Michigan and Montana needing two sheets while Texas has four. Alaska is mapped on a single sheet, at scales ranging from 1:1,584,000 to 1:12,000,000.


Kim Pauli | 160 reviews

Ordering these 24K, 100K, and 250K scale set of USGS topography maps saved our company many months of downloading and they are seamless and collarless.
Kai Riessling | 160 reviews

The EOD Cartography Bundle arrived on a set of hard drive and used as a base OpenStreetMap foundation on our servers, and we would pruchase again.
Karl-Heinz Richter | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundled data NAIP data coverages are perfect seamless from source ECW MrSidd downloads and of very high quality and resolution.
Ace McMullen | 160 reviews

The final processing of the EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data includes a complete set of seamless and collarless georeferenced data sets, and mosaic perfectly on the fly on our servers.
Scott Rodgriguez | 160 reviews

We ordered the EOD Bundle Cartography data with 25k, 100k and 250k Topo data and the quality and resolution are as downloaded from the USGS, and we are very satisfied.
Rupert Brack | 160 reviews

Complete set of 24K, 100K, and 250K scale set of USGS topography maps could only have taken months if not years to order from the USGS.
Rudolf Kisling | 160 reviews

Our bundled cartography order was integrated as raster data into our mapserver in under two hours.
Kinuye Yamagata | 160 reviews

Awesome EOD Bundled data and we will be ordering more NAIP data shortly.
Maxime Delaplace | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data is a complete and harmonic data bundle.
Ansgar Wentzel | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography data with 25k, 100k and 250k Topo data from the USGS arrived in less than 2 business days with not a single tile missing.
Dana Goodman | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data came to us complete and without a single tile missing in under three days, and would have taken years to download.
Shawna Jensen | 160 reviews

Our USGS TOPO order was delivered on two 2TB hard drives and not a single data set was missing, and we did not have to waste months downloading data from the USGS.
Philip Gross | 160 reviews

The NAIP aerial data was delivered on a RAID system to our front door in under three days, and this complete 2006-2019 data would have taken years to download directly.
Kelly Richardson | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography for our collection of seamless and collarless 20K, 100K, and 250K maps was a perfect purchase to our product lines.
Poalo Peruggi | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data is ow seamlessly working inside of our tle servers and Open Street Topo Map raster servers.
Milton Garcia | 160 reviews

EOD Bundle Cartography is a great set of seamless and collarless maps which can be mosaiced and blended together right from arrival, and we are very happy mapping,
Jacqueline Rivera | 160 reviews

The cartography order USGS saved us a lot of time downloading data from the USGS, and we received the package in under 3 days.
Lester Jones | 160 reviews

Our Open Street Map mapping tile mapserver inegrated all your data we ordered in under a week. Extremely good quality and sub pixel accuracies.
Noah Williams | 160 reviews

The EOD TOPO DRG files for USA are a great raster edition to our mapping tile server technology, and we are able to present raster and vector based maps to our Garmin, Android, and IOS customer base.
Wade Richardson | 160 reviews

We purchased these license free data sets and are never going back to Google Maps or Bing or Yahoo again, setting up our very own online data portals has huge cost saving ramifications.
Herman Malone | 160 reviews

The Cartography Bundled data came with an added surprise as we received all the aeronautical charts as well for free (AVHRR, IHR, VFR, HELI, and Aeroport charts).
Abigail Mcguire | 160 reviews

The data is basically licensing free as long as we do not resell it, and that is incredible and saving us thousands per month.
London Mcconnell | 160 reviews

Our cartography downloads would have taken years so with a single EOD order we were all set in under one week.
Thalia Graham | 160 reviews

'The TOPO Maps we just licensed would have taken us a years to download, but they were delivered to us in 2 business days.'
Malia Hines | 160 reviews

The NAIP data is exactly what we were looking for and EarthOnDrive shipped in under 3 days.
Gabrielle Plascencia | 160 reviews

We acquired the EOD Bundle Cartography for our collection of seamless and collarless 20K, 100K, and 250K maps, and the processing is great.
Dewitt Isaacs | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data ties perfectly together with the NAIP data we purchased last month.
Edgar Popek | 160 reviews

EOD Bundle Cartography is a fine job of a seamless and collarless image processing bundle.
Elena Mills | 160 reviews

The cartography order USGS saved us a ton of download time and is exactly what we were looking for.
Graig Neumann | 160 reviews

Our WebWinds Mapserver inegrated all your data we ordered in under a week. Extremely good quality and accuracies.
Nannie Adler | 160 reviews

We ordered the EOD TOPO DRG files for USA and would like to thank you and recommend you to all.
Jody Gibbs | 160 reviews

We ordered the Complete set of 24K, 100K, and 250K scale set of USGS topography maps and delivery was in under 3 days, and the quality was just as if we spent years downloading it off of the USGS website.
Terry Roy | 160 reviews

Great reprojection work to WGS84 Geodetic. Completely collarlless and seamless and we are very happy with our order.
Bessie Roberson | 160 reviews

Awesome EOD Bundled data.
Lyndell Mcpeek | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data fits perfectly into our AVHRR and HELI flight maps and runtime flight simulations software.
Doe Sadeghpour | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography was used in our EPA ground work across the US, and matched our aerials to the sub-pixel level with absolutely no errors.
Sherri Gardner | 160 reviews

Our USGS TOPO order would have taken years to download from other sources, yet it took 2 business days from EarthOnDrive.
Monica French | 160 reviews

We deploy the NAIP aerial data in our work flows and technology on a daily basis, and could not function without it.
Arnulfo Zavala | 160 reviews

Wavgen and EarthOnDrive data together allow us to create earth animations at astounding clarity and accuracy.
Herbert Sway | 160 reviews

Our USGS TOPO order was delivered on specification and on time and would have taken us years to compile.
Antonio Guarez | 160 reviews

We deploy the NAIP aerial data over insurance and government databases very successfully.
Tuck Martin | 160 reviews

We work with defense contractors to support battle space simulations with pre-rendering movies as well as realtime game engines, and find that Wavgen and EarthOnDrive data works perfectly in both areas.
Andrej Sobotka | 160 reviews

We would have invested huge amounts of time and resources to get all this cartographic information on a hard drive, had we not discovered our partners at Earthondrive at an ESRI trade show recently.
Michael Vestager | 160 reviews

We use the USGS raster DRGs and TOPOs on a grand scale in our image web servers, but never got to ordering a complete collection until we discovered then order the Earthondrive Bundle Cartography data.
Michael Rich | 160 reviews

Our USGS TOPO order arrived in under a week and came complete in a well useable directory structure and there was not a single glitch in the process.
Oscar Rubinez | 160 reviews

This NAIP aerial data is quite daunting after the completed order, and arrived on several hard drives. After a day or two we had the NAIPs completely integrated into our effort and we are very happy.
Molly Garland | 160 reviews

The data purchases are licensing free, as long as we do not resell. And in our line of work as software battle space simulations, we pass all of our customers off to EarthOnDrive, becuase the data and quality is simply that good.
Mattheus Mcconnell | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data would have taken years to download and organize from the USGS. We simply ordered the EOD bundle and it arrived promptly on a set of hard drives. We are extremely happy.
Jose Marroqin | 160 reviews

Much appreciated to get all this cartographic information on a hard drive, instead of taking months to download.
Stephen Zink | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data works seamlessly with the other Earthondrive data we purchased last year, and pixel for pixel, the georeferencing is spot on. The collarless and seamless mosaics are of course spot on as well.
Frank Walther | 160 reviews

We were able to assemble the EOD Bundle Cartography data with our existing data within half a day, and are now serving the data across two different image web servers. Increadible ease in deployment and ease in use, and the ECW technology is great too.
Renee Suget | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data is something we use as a tool data set to accurately process many medium resolution Landsat 8 data over the USA. All data is 100% sub 10m accurate as WGS84/Geodetic. Loads as compressed imagery in under 5 seconds in Global Mapper. Astounding image processing work flow improvement.
Abigail Menon | 160 reviews

The EOD Bundle Cartography data is helping our environmental firm speed up report and proposal writing workflows on a bi-monthly basis.
Lef Quin | 160 reviews

We needed the EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data in a comlpete USGS solution, and did not want to download thousands of files over months on end. EarthOnDrive beat the competition by pricing and we are very happy with the data delivery.
Stefen Debatnic | 160 reviews

We required the EOD Bundle Cartography for our FUDS government work on environmental cleanup, and the delivery took under 3 days for all 20K, 100K, and 250K maps, which are collarless and seamless too.
Mei Kim | 160 reviews

We use these EOD Bundle Cartography 25k, 100k and 250k data nicely together with our runtime graphics engines. Great work on collarless and seamless data processing.
Vladmir Precic | 160 reviews

EOD Bundle Cartography is a fine job of a seamless and collarless image processing bundle.
Mariah Cantor | 160 reviews

We have ordered other data products over the past, and thanks to the EarthOnDrive licensing of data, we accrued to then order the EOD Bundle Cartography at no cost. Simply an astounding site with all the attention to customer detail one expects.
Jeff Meruwski | 160 reviews

We enjoy the EOD Bundle Cartography and use it for our environmental reports across several engineering facilties across the USA and Canada. One time license for all these locatins. Cannot beat this.
Alexander Macorvski | 160 reviews

Our mapping and Navigation work required detailed 24k maps, as well as 100K and 250K maps. The EOD Bundle Cartography Bundled data set arrived in under a week and included everything. The data is highly accurate, seamless, collarless, and original.
Dexter Banois | 160 reviews

Our environmental firm needed a few states, but we simply procured the complete EOD Bundle Cartography set for a much better pricing, and the day the datya arrived, we simply plugged the hard drive into our server, and shared the directories. Excellent delivery, service, and products.
Theo Gleddoff | 160 reviews

EOD Bundle Cartography is a perfect addition to our Map Server data (ArcGIS Server).
Peter Plunkett | 160 reviews

The US DRG Topo Maps would ahev taken us years to download from the USGS, and here we get in in a directory structure, all off a single 1TB hard drive.
Anna Stiles | 160 reviews

It would have taken us years to download all this NAIP aerial data, and after pruchasing, the hard drives arrived in under 3 days.
Holger Halbrecht | 160 reviews

The data purchases are licensing free, as long as we do not resell. Okay we purchased and are extremely happy to integrate in AutoDesk mapping in Europe.
Karl Gruber | 160 reviews

Our cartography downloads would have years. Instead we had them delivered in days with a single EOD order.
Missy jannes | 160 reviews

USGS TOPO Maps as a complete set on a 3TB harddrive worked for us. Especially the 2 day delivery. Thanks.
Greg Delozier | 160 reviews

These USGS TOPO Maps would have taken us a year to download, especially with the USGS site now changed completely. We are very satisfied.
Margaret Copeland | 160 reviews

Thank you for all the NAIP data. Arrived in 3 days and we are using company wide.
James Noin | 160 reviews

The data we purchased was complete and delivered on time.
Richard Krocker | 160 reviews

Our cartography order would have taken a long time to download and prepare from the USGS. We completed instead with a single EOD order.
Mathias Hilden | 160 reviews

Data we purchased working effortlessly in a Web Winds JPL set of servers.
David Anderson | 160 reviews

Great data integration in under one week with ESRI and Online Map servers.
Scott Young | 160 reviews

The USGS TOPO Maps would have taken us months to download with the newest USGS site, and you have just shortened that down to 3 days delivery, and zero computer work.
Ken Casey | 160 reviews

The complete set of 24K, 100K, and 250K scale set of USGS topography maps from the EarthOnDrive team are exactly what we needed and it saved us tons of download time.
Francis Baer | 160 reviews

The USGS maps we got on a drive are seamless and collarless, and can be easily stitched in realtime with Global Mapper and served with our ESRI servers
Jonathan Ghete | 160 reviews

Awesome EOD Bundled data.
Jamie Hackey | 160 reviews

These USGS maps and data bundles are a huge savings in time and downloading effort. We just ordered three hard drives for the contiguous USA.
Dante Fabriz | 160 reviews

Seamless and Collar free USGS TOPO maps at this quality are harder to download from the new USGS site. We just placed an order and saved thousands.
Christoph Guertz | 160 reviews

Excellent ESRI integration and ECW/JPEG2000 libraries load times are phenomenal.
Mark Hamilla | 160 reviews

No more downloading thousands of data sets and no more licensing costs to large corporations like Google Earth Enterprise.
Magnus Derzing | 160 reviews

Excellent news for us GIS folks who continually have to pay data licensing elsewhere.
Johnny Walker | 160 reviews

This complete USA coverage of the USGS Topo Maps on a hard drive simply levelled our work order from 2 months down to 1 week.
Franz Schlaefke | 160 reviews

Easily integrated with Global Mapper Desktop. Quick response and excellent support crew.
Axel Patel | 160 reviews

WE have no more need to license from Bing Maps and Google Enterprise Maps. Great job on all this data and georeferencing.
Herbert Montreau | 160 reviews

Data is simply and easily integrated into Apollo Map Server and Arcgis.
Kenneth Kodowski | 160 reviews

Saved tons of money and time here. Thumbs up!
Amis Gurh | 160 reviews

Amazing bundle that finished a huge work order in under 5 days.
Agur Monsit | 160 reviews

Great USGS TOPO collection and seamless entry into the complete USA coverages on a single hard drive.
Courtney Billings | 160 reviews

The map data helps us plan tourism and venture trips, and fits into our application quite easily. Used Global Mapper Gridding to deliver.
William Besci | 160 reviews

CONUS delivery of all Maps outstanding. Not a single data sheet missing.
Olaf Kranz | 160 reviews

Excellent service and easy to implement the hard drive into our GIS servers.
Lars Peterson | 160 reviews

Great addition to our ongoing aerial data catalogue.
Jorma Kakone | 160 reviews

Our EOD Cartography purchase saved us 100s of hours of downloads.
Jill Jameson | 160 reviews

Perfect match for our satellite data we purchased last year.
Lutz Gart | 160 reviews

Our cartography order is exactly what we expected, and would have taken a long time to download and prepare from the USGS.
Boris Feifel | 160 reviews

We just setup a WebWinds Mapserver after buying all your data ) literally. Integrates very nicely
Chris Clemenz | 160 reviews

We are using EOD TOPO DRG files for USA in our iPhone app and it was a seamless install.
James Beechum | 160 reviews

I'm pleased to have purchased a complete set of 24K, 100K, and 250K scale set of USGS topography maps from the EarthOnDrive team. Fast service and ease of deployment is what I am interested in. Great job on the new web site!
Greg Weddington | 160 reviews

This is a great reprojection work to WGS84 Geodetic. Completely collarlless and seamless, we got these maps 4 days after our credit card order and are extremely pleased. Thank you!
Jeffrey Freese | 160 reviews

Awesome EOD Bundled data
Justin Blake | 160 reviews

Thanks EOD for making my first employment week at my wireless telecomm job such a complete success. Went straight to my employer with your pricing and your delivery was approved same day. And Now we have a steady influx of all the USGS DRG maps we need across the United States.
Chris Duff | 160 reviews

When we saw the summer specials on data at EarthOnDrive we purchased. Our firm is now server EOD imagery and we have already further integrated google maps and terraserver. Thank you!
Moby Carson | 160 reviews

The 1:24k, 1:100k, and 1:250k USGS Topo Maps (DRGs) integrated seamlessly and collar free in seconds, once we had received the internal hard drive.
Ron Sieghard | 160 reviews

These EOD Data sets loaded and server seamlessly in ArcGIS, and the quality is very, very good.
Carl Derose | 160 reviews

Incredible savings and bank for your dollar.
Bernard Vlies | 160 reviews

Best bundled database currently available for GIS at an really low cost
Jake Wilson | 160 reviews

We initially looked to USGS for our maps that we needed at a scale of 1:24k. It would have taken us 3 days to download eastern Texas. As urban planning specialists, we saw that the complete US TOPO maps were on special pricing and purchased the complete bundle for our subsidiaries in other states. A great addition to our company library, delivered to us in under 4 business days. Thanks EOD!
Johannes Stahl | 160 reviews

Its a perfect companion for the desktop Global Mmaper software. I am using the data and the windows desktop Global Mmaper for over a year now. Love it!
Chet Panel | 160 reviews

These are terrific maps. They sync perfectly with my ARCGis installed on my laptop and allows me to prepare my collection when I am on the road for integration into my image web server.
Dennis McDougall | 160 reviews

Great companion data sets to my desktop ArcGIS.
Brian Coty | 160 reviews

I love it! Saved alot of money with it.
Fantre Goldstein | 160 reviews

Best bundled database currently available for GIS at an really low cost.
George Malin | 160 reviews

Perfect topo map collection with a great directory structure. Keep your collection and updated in one visit.
Michelle Long | 160 reviews

These maps are very good. I hear their working on updates for the Landsat Mosaics from the recent 9000 landsat etm7 scenes!!
Bill Walker | 160 reviews

I bought the maps and am complete.
Bill Mathews | 160 reviews

Excellent approach to solving a GIS problems we are having with data migration. Cheaper to order the data on a drive and just place the HDD into the new server, than push the DBs and data across the network! Thank you.
Chris Peters | 160 reviews

At this very moment i am building a catalogue of all the maps and color and aerial imagery that I can get ahold of. Love working your data sets!
Jonas Johanson | 160 reviews

I have just completed the integration of my data order last year - 900 maps and two EOD bundles with help of your store. Thanks for a good start.
Melissa McClure | 160 reviews

I love my data collections. Through my project work I would have purchased so many duplicates. I am up to 2,145 maps now and I am able to deploy with ArcGIS quite easily with no reprojections or difficult migrations. I tell everyone that has lots of maps to get to EarthOnDrive!
Daniel Dougherty | 160 reviews

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help and the awesome products your group puts out. I have used other free online maps and aerials, and was not satisfied with the work flow and lack luster results of piecing orders together. But I found your site and was hesitant at first but finally made the purchase and have not regretted it. So thank you and keep up the great work.
Dan Bronskie | 160 reviews

If you love GIS data you have to love this collection. Amazingly fast shipping. Would have taken weeks to download.
Saker Foninnen | 160 reviews

A decent map collection.
Claire McCintric | 160 reviews

Ordered and delivered just as it should. All in all the best cataloging dat sets out there.
Mitch Dougal | 160 reviews

Cant tell you enough how wonderful the EOD Cartography order is. I have a complete seamless and collarless database now and it is awesome. Take Care!
Ian Murphy | 160 reviews

Great data. Thanks Again!
Philip Mazzai | 160 reviews

I use this in my shop where I collect cartographic material. The EOD collection is almost a piece of artwork.
Joshua Yolley | 160 reviews

So Ive been collecting maps for years and finally purchased the EOD cartographic bundle, and its been a great addition. I love it!
Nico Morandi | 160 reviews

I absolutely hate downloading for days on end on those counter intuitive government web sites. I never have to worry about that again...
Stefano Morelli | 160 reviews

I love your data collection idea, its is such a great idea to deliver bundled data on a hard drive, ready to just be used.
Jennifer Platt | 160 reviews

I am very thankful to have found your site. My project work has become less exhausting since I do not download and have to manage large image databases anymore.
Justin Heinz | 160 reviews

Hats off to EarthOnDrive. Data download days are over!
Brad Holmes | 160 reviews

Fantastic no more downloads.
Doug Blanchard | 160 reviews

Must have for GIS folks everywhere. Just a great addition.
Francois Gaudin | 160 reviews

Perfect addition for your map library.
Conny Thomas | 160 reviews

This is the way to ensure a complete CONUS coverage of maps and cartography without worrying about duplicates. Thank you guys for a great addition to the company database.
Shaun Finn | 160 reviews

If you are an avid GIS consultant, like I am, its hard to procure these data in a timely fashion. Now I have everything on a 2TB drive. Thanks!
Ora Finney | 160 reviews

Awesome EOD Bundle, extremely helpful to have everything on a drive A++
Kirk Iry | 160 reviews

5 stars! EOD data bundle rocks.
Melinda Baer | 160 reviews

I recommend this purchase!
Jenn Chase | 160 reviews

Now my download days are over and my map collections are complete. No more having to worry about purchasing pieces I already have.
Dave Nunz | 160 reviews

Another excellent and well designed product. I no longer need to download anything. Sheer brilliance. Thank You.
Rubin Florez | 160 reviews

Excellent map products. Making scanning in 1000s of my maps obsolete.
Victor Trauzi | 160 reviews

The EOD bundled map data for the USA is a great item!
Kenneth Delaney | 160 reviews

Just starting to use the EOD HDD bundles, Sweet. I cant believe how many hours I have wasted downloading data, only to discover this web site. Nice new design by the way!
Jason White | 160 reviews

Just finished cataloging all my purchased EOD data! 5,861 maps complete and sorted, 3,000 to go!
Brendan Lee | 160 reviews

Spent most of the day working on building and integrating the EOD bundle for our ArcGIS library - great tools to tile data!
Jon Fenacht | 160 reviews

If youve got more spatial data sets than you can remember, then you need to buy the EOD bundle TOPO product - plain simple . The directory structure library brings it all home.
Petrus Plekker | 160 reviews

This is a great set of maps for all users of GIS software. Easy to deploy and great to extend my geodata collection.
Antonio Salinas | 160 reviews

I just wanna express my love for the maps and data!
Eric Carr | 160 reviews

I am loving the map and data products. Its everything I wanted in a database and more.
John Mitchell | 160 reviews

I love these data sets, and appreciate all the hard work yall do to keep updating and improving them!
Jorden Orloff | 160 reviews

Just received the hard drive and updating my catalog. It is so worth the price.
Edward Morabito | 160 reviews

I use these maps daily in our project work flow. This, in combination with the PC realtime software, has been a life saver for me. I recommend this to all my colleagues in the engineering fields.
Maya Perlman | 160 reviews

Everything I expected and more.
Dieter Beier | 160 reviews

Hello, my dear wavgen friends! I just wanted to say thank you for the latest EOD data bundle I ordered - I am absolutely delighted with your product. It is *perfect*.
Early Dahlinger | 160 reviews

These maps are very useful when combined to the aerial NAIP data sets. They all match pixel for pixel in WGS84 Geodetic.
Kurt Young | 160 reviews

I am approaching the 4k mark of my data inception after having purchased the TOPO and Aerial data bundles. Having EarthOnDrive data is invaluable to our project needs.
Ingrid Aster | 160 reviews

If your library is at the stage where you losing money buy licensing the web maps from google earth enterprise or terraserver, then you need EarthOnDrive data on your servers. It is invaluable when making new map deployments for your organization.
Martin Gossop | 160 reviews

These maps are top for anyone who desires a large GIS data collection. I love my collection. What a standard!

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