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FusionIO ioFX 456GB PCI-E Flash Card

FusionIO ioFX 456GB PCI-E Flash Card
FusionIO ioFX 456GB PCI-E Flash Card
Brand: WavGen Inc
Product Code: FusionIO ioFX 456GB PCI-E Flash Card
Availability: 239
Price: $ 652.50
Ex Tax: $ 600.00
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FusionIO ioFX 456GB PCI-E Flash Card

FusionIO ioFX 456GB PCI-E Flash Card

Fusion-io has announced their latest ioMemory storage accelerator; this time with eyes on the workstation market. The Fusion ioFX is designed to give video editors, video effects professionals, programmers and the like a powerful storage solution that can keep pace with today's high-throughput processors and GPUs. The Fusion ioFX has been in development for some time, an early iteration was used in the Oscar Award winning Hugo, which won for best visual effects. Fusion-io hopes to bring the solution not just to major video effects houses though, but to workstation users globally who don't want their productivity held back by storage. 


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