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NAIP 2004-2021 Aerial Photography for USA

NAIP 2004-2021 Aerial Photography for USA

The Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) has a vast amount of aerial imagery of most of the United States and its territories, with dates from 1955 to the present. Our data bundle is downloaded directly from the website and includes data over 52 states, 10 states dating 2009, and the rest dating 2008. The seamless images are created from orthoimages that have been mosaicked to show a continuous photographic map of a larger area. The orthoimagery component of The National Map is a standard seamless product with a 0.5 meter or finer pixel resolution and a 1,500-m x 1,500-m to 3,000-m x 3,000-m footprint. The images are georeferenced to NAD83 (North AMerican Datum 1983) and are in UTMn (Northern Uniform Transverse Mercator). The National Map is continually maintained and provides the most recent high resolution orthoimagery data.

USA 2004-2021 NAIP Aerial Photography of Product Information

Date = 2004-2021 March-September 

Coverage = 98% Continental USA (except certain military zones)

Projection = WGS84/Geodetic

Resolution = 50 cm  to 1m

Format = SID or ECW or JPEG2000 (GeoTiff per special reuqest and pricing)

Delivery = multiple 2TB hard drives 

Carli Haines | 109 reviews

We ordered the complete NAIP 2006-2021 Aerial and the product was delivered on several 4TB hard drives, and after backups and data inception, we are totally set and running our mapping engines.
Abelard Poulin | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2020 Aerial Photography for USA came in on a 16TB Pegasus R2 RAID with not a single county or date missing in its entirety.
Fabien Bougie | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2020 Aerial Photography for USA data across several years and at 1m per pixel resolution across all US counties is a phenomenal data order.
Ilya Stepanovich | 109 reviews

We licensed NAIP Data in MrSidd format and have not looked back, and the poduct is just as if we took years to download from the NAIP web site.
Leonard Mckinney | 109 reviews

The complete 2006-2019 NAIP aerial data was one of our very best data purchases ever and we are very happy not to have spend much time downloading.
Ron Baldwin | 109 reviews

We would have to download the complete NAIP 2006-2017 Aerial Photography for USA across many months if not a few years, and ordering this data overnight priority was a no brainer.
Michaela Colletti | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2017 Aerial Photography for USA was a very massive 17TB data purchase which would have taken us many years to download and ingest. EarthOnDrive helped us in under one week with a completely built RAID6 Flash system.
Erick Mccoy | 109 reviews

NAIP data ordered arrived in under 7 buiness days as a whopping 18TB data RAID, and this would have taken months if not years to download. We are very impressed with the delivery.
Laurence Barnes | 109 reviews

The NAIP data at 50cm to 1m accuracy across the years from 2006 to 2017 is an amazing 17TB grab, and covers our insurance company needs from top to bottom.
Kayla Benson | 109 reviews

We just purchased the ASTER DEM data and the NAIP collection and could not be more impressed with the throughness and completeness of the ordered data.
Meghan Wheeler | 109 reviews

Since AutoDesk does not support ECW JPEG2000 plugins for our TV and large format film work, we starting using WavGen in 2008 and just purchased 100 more licenses yesterday.
Amy Hogan | 109 reviews

We procured the NAIP 50cm 2006-2017 data a month ago, and it is 100% complete and 100% to our expectations and we could not be more happy with the 4 day delivery process.
Bessie Douglas | 109 reviews

The 2005-2017 NAIP data bundle covers CONUS several times over, is seamless, and father blends flawlessly, and we are happy with the 5 days order. Saved us months of downloading data, if not years.
Erik Joseph | 109 reviews

,We ordered the EOD bundle for all aerials 50cm data across the USA as NAIPs 2006-2017 and are totally happy with the pruchase.
Maliyah Shaffer | 109 reviews

We use the ECW JPEG2000 plugins for our television work. Great product technology that behaves nicely inside of AutoDesk product lines.
Chanel Zhang | 109 reviews

The NAIP data across the USA was great procurement and life saver.
Chaya Harrell | 109 reviews

We ordered the NAIP data and it was delivered timely and has been a remendous benefit to our efforts since.
Kiara Sullivan | 109 reviews

The complete EOD bundle for all aerials 50cm data across the USA is a great purchase in the SID format.
Larissa Summers | 109 reviews

'The NAIP EOD Bundle across North America is just like off of the Seamless EROS center, and we are absolutely satisfied with the data.'
Aditya Farmer | 109 reviews

12TBs of NAIP data from EarthOnDrive and then serve as an NFS share. These guys know exactly what they are doing.
Craig Hysell | 109 reviews

It would have taken us months if not years to download the complete NAIP 2006-2018 Aerial Photography for USA. So we purchased a RAID5 system from EOD and then had all our data embedded into our work flow in under 10 business days. Outstanding work and great business model.
Alana Colletti | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2018 Aerial Photography for USA was the most massive data procurement we ever prformed on short order. Within 1 week all data was in use and being served off of redundant storage, and we have not had a problem since.
Veronica Alvarado | 109 reviews

NAIP data ordered in under 5 days on several hard drives, and this completes are 50cm to 1m high resolution imagery to the punch.
Karen Spruk | 109 reviews

Our NAIP data we ordered is great and matches perfectly to our existing data. Very easy to order, impliment, and integrate.
Isha Andrus | 109 reviews

ASTER we just purchased together with your NAIP collection has immediately catapulted our data collections to highest levels. Much appreciated and great to work with your team.
Eli Ewing | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA would have taken years to download from the various sources, and EarthOnDrive simply delivers all data within 1 week (albiet on a rather large RAID frame server).
Hestia Krolewski | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA data is complete between 2006-2021 and we are very happy to have a one stop one source imagery source and distributor. Very good and knowledgeable people as well.
Cecelia Bush | 109 reviews

We licensed NAIP Data in MrSidd format and were able to launch our projects the same day.
Norman Armstead | 109 reviews

Our complete 2006-2015 NAIP aerial data is an excellent example of 10TBs of imagery, delivered in under one week, with no flaws and we are instantly able to integrate all of the Mr Sid imagery. Hats off to EarthOnDrive.
Benson Whitaker | 109 reviews

We ordered the 2006-2015 NAIP aerial data and it arrived on a RAID systems three days later. All as if we ordered and FTPd the data for months at the government site. Not a single set was missing and all was 100% sound.
Warner Armenta | 109 reviews

The NAIP data USA is a whopping 12TB in size, and after syncing the data we had it deployed on our servers and work stations in under 2 weeks. Absilutely incredible job and idea.
Peter Tildon | 109 reviews

The NAIP Data in MrSidd format is comprehensive and delivered on speck, matching pixel for pixel. Fine order procerss as well.
Edi Peleshi | 109 reviews

Our complete 2006-2015 NAIP aerial data purchase went smoothly and was simply a huge power hit for our company needs.
Lars Ofren | 109 reviews

The Wavgen WGW, ECW, and JPEG2000 plugins for our previsualizations in Redshift work fantastically.
Ronald Ruppi | 109 reviews

We ordered the NAIP data across the USA last month across all years 2006-2017. The data arrived in under a week, not a single missing footprint or data set, and all MrSid files loaded inside of Global Mapper instantly.
Marianne Vallis | 109 reviews

We ordered the complete NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA data on 7x 2TB hard drives, and aside from the shear magnitude of data and imagery, are very very pleased indeed with quality and service and the dat itself.
Ben Michel | 109 reviews

NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA came to us on several hard drives and we are exceptionally happy with the integration into our efforts.
Chris OBrien | 109 reviews

The NAIP came in MrSidd format, on a set of larghe HDDs, and still weighed in at 9.2TB. Increadible bang for your buck here with EarthOnDrve.
Kristin Bromacher | 109 reviews

Our complete 2006-2015 NAIP aerial data collection arrived on several hard drives yeserday, and even in this quantity it was still very manageble and quite useful.
Edward Tashman | 109 reviews

We use the ECW JPEG2000 plugins for our previsualizations in Redshift and Vray, and now will be extending this to post and the final productions. Incredible time savings and render performances and quality in renders.
Rolf Spaeser | 109 reviews

The NAIP data across the USA only took 4 days to arrive on 3 2TB hard drives we purchased, and is 100% complete and now already integrated into our mapping engines.
Nana Nichols | 109 reviews

Our complete NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA purchase brought our company right into the 1m CONUS mapping with a single purchase and a 4 day turn around time. We are very pleased with the quality of geodata.
Natalya Verinkov | 109 reviews

We need to have a very recent 1m map of the NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA. BING and GOOGLE have very old data and not recently updated. EarthOnDrive has most recent data of 2014 and 2016 and also dilver the data all the way back to 2006. Very fine example of data integration and delivery.
James Jones | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA is an astounding 1m resolution and is delivered on 4x 3TB hard drives. It would have taken us years to download the data, which came delivered by FEDEX in under 1 week. We are quite satisfied.
Chev Gulet | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA purchase would have taken us a year or more to download, and at this special pricing offer, we received all 2011 through 2016 dNAIP data on a 14TB flash array which we purchased from EarthOnDrive as well.
Peter Michels | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA is deployed in our hyper-real runtime flight simulation product (Microsoft FSX) and we are very happy for the DirectX (BLT) DTX file conversions deployed at no additional cost. The ECW files are also delivered and work quite well in FSX with BLTs.
Michael Schlaefke | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA is a huge 14TB volume set on five hard drives, do not forget to purchase the HDDs as an extra cost. Phenomenal product with most recent aerial imagery when compared to the other data prividers like gooogle earth.
Ludwig Fobel | 109 reviews

It would have taken us LITERALLTY YEARS to download the complete NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA, so we simply ordered it and th edelivery took 2 days via FEDEX. We are completely happy with this product and will buy more data shortly.
Blake Freiburg | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA is being served off of a few image web servers in our runtime graphcis (Erdas Apollo and UNM Map Server Technologies). We ordered the ECW conversions from Mr Sid, and the data was useful in the first day, right off of the hard drive.
Andreas Meltzen | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA is used in our commercial mapping efforts quite successfully, and if our customers are happy, that makes us very happy. Astoudning nation wide resolutions as well, and surpisingly the aerial NAIP imagery data is much more recent than Google Earth (and cheaper to license by an order of magnitude).
Jennifer Olsen | 109 reviews

We are an insurance corporation and purchased the NAIP 2006-2014 Aerial Photography for USA. Our departments are now able to see much greater detail and much NEWER DATA than google earth. Fine product with guaranteed yearly updates.
Scott Mcoughlin | 109 reviews

The NAIP Bundle data is a 3,800 set of very high resolution CONUS aerial image data we needed. It took 2 days to arrive in San Diego. Much appreciated, and it fit right into the image web server we have deployed. This would have taken months to download.
Dominique Mandle | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2015 Aerial Photography for USA is complete and well worth the purchase.
Bhojia Zladobak | 109 reviews

The NAIP 2006-2015 Aerial Photography for USA covers CONUS and parts of Alaska. We are very pleased to be running this across our ARC GIS ESRI product servers.
Swamir Aksharami | 109 reviews

We had the NAIP 2006-2015 Aerial Photography for USA converted from MrSidd to ECW and JPEG2000. The turn around times were quite fast considering 2.78TB of data. Much appreciated.
Herbert Kruhst | 109 reviews

Our purchase of the NAIP 2006-2015 Aerial Photography for USA added to last years purchase of the best of landsat product. We indeed quite happy with this order and last years order, which would have taken years to download from various ogvernment sources.
Vladimir Tolsteniewski | 109 reviews

We have added the license free NAIP 2006-2015 Aerial Photography for USA to our world wide imagery products and the data came in under 2 days. Thank you very much.
Killian Zale | 109 reviews

An astounding set of very high resolution imagery is now being integrated into our insurance firm. The NAIP 2006-2015 Aerial Photography for USA is up-to-date and spans 10 years of covarage. These guys delivered 7TB in under 1 week. Would have taken years to download from any NAIP site.
Chris Maxwell | 109 reviews

Just got the NAIP hard drive and we have terrabytes of NAIP data in MrSidd format to look over. Its all there and we are very excited to find one site and one upgrade all in one place.
Paul Becker | 109 reviews

9TBs of NAIP data and these guys know how to deliver required data. Great directory structure as well.
Wilson Kastrom | 109 reviews

We use the ECW JPEG2000 plugins for our television documentaries. Awesome product which adds a whole lot to standard AutoDesk 3D.
Hiru Kabimi | 109 reviews

The NAIP data across the USA was a successful purchase.
Gail Redding | 109 reviews

The NAIP data were delivered timely and beneficial to our efforts.
Kai Krause | 109 reviews

The complete CONUS EOD bundle for all aerials 30cm data across the USA is amazing. We are extremely happy with the SID format as well.
Stuart Gibson | 109 reviews

We just purchased the NAIP EOD Bundle across North America and are absolutely satisfied with the data.
Jack Feingold | 109 reviews

9TBs of NAIP data and we have intregrated the EOD RAID storage solution into our network as an NFS share. These guys know exactly what they are doing.
Warren Miller | 109 reviews

Excellent for our television productions.
Tom Nickel | 109 reviews

The NAIP data across the USA was a big purchase for our department, at Lincoln Labs, MIT.
Sarah Ciling | 109 reviews

The NAIP data and the contracts serviced by the EOD team for our efforts were timely and beneficial.
Gerd Hilfinger | 109 reviews

Your NAIP data is great. No more downloading as we received the complete collection overnight via FEDEX!
Robert Hilt | 109 reviews

Our mapping with ArcGISand your NAIP collection 2006-2014 instantaneously bumped up resolutions seamlessly.
Jean-Luc Pontier | 109 reviews

We eliminated the need for expensive Google Earth Maps Enterprise licensing costs in one single hard drive.
Maura Skypes | 109 reviews

The NAIP product would have taken years to compile and download.
Steve Simon | 109 reviews

Just purchased the USA in 50cm from Earthondrive and are very happy.
Ted Lippe | 109 reviews

Just order the NAIP data and it came in under a few days. We are using this data for telecommunications and are relieved to have found a one time procurement.
Duane Hughes | 109 reviews

We needed 50cm ground resolution for our telecomm service contract and NAIP data in this magnitude would have taken a while to collect. We ordered ours in under 5 days.
Jamie Lorentz | 109 reviews

Your NAIP data is great. No more downloading pieces. We received the complete collection overnight via FEDEX and whollah!
George Tatsikilis | 109 reviews

Our mapping with ArcGIS was based on ASTER and we just purchased your NAIP collection 2006-2013 and instantaneously bumped up resolutions seamlessly. Thanks a whole bunch!
David Barr | 109 reviews

This dat collection is amazing. Once you sync it with ArcGIS on your server youll never need another expensive user license the Google or Microsoft.
Rebecca Abbey | 109 reviews

Just received the NAIP aerial US order for our firm and all looks great! So happy that you are all doing well.
Penelope Cruz | 109 reviews

I have saved a lot of money and especially time. Purchased the complete map and aerial naip bundle. Great package.
Mitch OConnell | 109 reviews

I shopped around before buying these data, and I am pleased to report that delivers. For the most part, it is somewhat compressed, but when you realize the resolution and detail, I would highly recommend this data.
Arthur Giles | 109 reviews

I dont usually take the time to leave testimonials. But i had a really frustrating situation with a large number of Aerial Image NAIP downloads. It is a pleasure to have ordered your products!
Patrick Foulds | 109 reviews

For travel I must recommend this up to date site with all the 1m aerials.
Abd Yasu | 109 reviews

When you are ready for a 5,000 plus image collection and deployment in ArcGIS, this is a bare necessity.
George Ferdinand | 109 reviews

To make a long story short, thanks to EarthOnDrive I am not downloading massive amounts of data any more. I have purchased an additional CDEC year contract for image integration with Web Winds WMS server. My main reason for setting this up online now is for my two growing projects. Thanks again for your help - sorry I am so long-winded in saying thanks, but your product has been a big help.
Kevin McCoullough | 109 reviews

At this price it was not difficult to decide on a NAIP data purchase. It was either that or paying ton of licensing money with the google earth enterprise schema.
Ally Shaw | 109 reviews

If you have a LARGE GIS deployment and have been hammered by google earth enterprise and terraserver licensing costs, just get the data yourself. And the NAIP data is current, not like on Google Earth (6 year old Air Photo USA stuff).
Loes Hilde | 109 reviews

Dont download. Just order the stuff on a hard drive. Its the same data!
Rich Black | 109 reviews

I use the NAIP data sets with project work as an environmental scientist. Thank you!
Julie Davenport | 109 reviews

Awesome data collection, see you guys at the 2012 San Diego ESRI convention!
Eric Schmidt | 109 reviews

So I am sitting there entering some new data into ArcGIS and when it dawned on me... I dont have to license the terraserver or google earth products any more. And I dont need to site copyright info either. 2 weeks of integration and $700 later I am up and running. Your EOD NAIP data bundle really caught my eye. Thanks again guys!
Chris Janke | 109 reviews

One of the finest collections. See you at the ITSEC this year in Orlando.
Maurice White | 109 reviews

I bought the NAIP aerial data collection. Awesome! I first felt cheated that I had spent so much time downloading 703 3GB data sets, and that for under $3000 my work had already been completed by EarthOnDrive, saving me 1000s. May you prosper for many more years to come and hopefully I will continue the journey with you.
Tim Hatridge | 109 reviews

I finished entering my collection of over 3000 NAIP aerials this weekend. It was pretty straightforward and user-friendly with ArcGIS ESRI ECW JPEG2000 plugin. I am very happy with my purchase.
Jason Pileski | 109 reviews

Just finished entering my 6,000 NAIP aerial data sets into my RAID system. I am a flight simulation and avid the EOD Satellite Data Bundle. Couldnt have been easier. Extremely pleased with your product!
Derek Kirkendall | 109 reviews

You guys have outdone yourselves on this web site. I now not only have the wavgen software, but also all the maps and high resolution aerials I will ever need. Earths the Limit now! Oh - and did I mention that I do not have to show the google earth logo any more. Brilliant!
Dennis Bussow | 109 reviews

Received the software this morning and ran the auto update into ArcGIS I programmed in advance. 655 aerial data sets later all is running well... Great job, clean release and everything looks awsome. Great job team!!!!!
Douglas MacLean | 109 reviews

it took only a few minutes after receiving the EOD hard drive with the NAIP data on it to find myself blown away. This is the exact stuff you find for 100s more at the government site.
Cindy Morgan | 109 reviews

Well, it took me three and a half years but I did get my naip and data collection catalogued. With this recent purchase of 3,500 county data sets, I could have been finished in under a month. I simply bought the complete package even though I was only looking for 2010 and 2012 aerial naip images.
Deborah Burton | 109 reviews

I just received the inventory and had our systems engineer install the hard drive with all the geodata on it. WOW!
John Orange | 109 reviews

Thank you for putting together an inventory of counties for is for the project collection. It has been a blessing to deploy with ArcGIS. It eliminates downloading every map and aerial photo of each county and it is definitely a time saver for us.
Marty Cassidy | 109 reviews

Before retiring I was involved in the development and distribution of several database map applications with the big boys. The pricing for enterprise class imagery has risen sharply. I want to congratulate the development team for producing these fine products in the nick of time. For under a few hundred dollars, you can access most up-to-date imagery for your own personal deployment. Dont forget to ask these guys about their cloud experience with amazon, where they can flood gate their data to your online servers in under 1 day!! I reviewed several other products online before purchasing these data sets and I am convinced I made the right choice. Ease of use and flexibility are two of its strongest points. Data integration is easy. I have had only one question and got a prompt response by e-mail but the products directory structure is so intuitive that I solved my problem before getting an answer from customer support. All in all an excellent set of products with a uniquely fair price.
Phon Thun | 109 reviews

Before installing the set of hard drives into the server, I used to manually export my database into ArcGIS and mySQL. Without a glitch, the data is served across limited band-width. The ECW and JPEG2000 tools are awesome! Being able to export directly to these file formats is a time saver and its easy to interact with image web server routines I have already coded here in southeast asia.
Jason Boyd | 109 reviews

This is a great extension to the ArcGIS desktop program. The new geo data sets are served from the amazon cloud with the help of the EarthOnDrive team. They purged their data from their cloud to ours in under 1 day. And gave us a cheat with the Oracle data base. Whew!
Louise Martin | 109 reviews

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for producing such a wonderful set of geospatial data sets. I very rarely buy online like this as quite often I can set up something myself and customize it to what I want in my image web server environments. However I ordered a data bundle and it almost immediately once I saw how well designed it was. I recently ordered a second data set and am disappointed that I did not do so sooner. Thank you again.
Graham Liu | 109 reviews

This is simply me saying thank you for producing exactly what I want to allow me catalogue my data into ArcGIS. The data is high quality and gives me all the features I need - and a ton of work and downloading saved.
Alexandra Bouet | 109 reviews

Now I will never download online orders again!
Keith Dozier | 109 reviews

Just got my EOD NAIP aerial data colleciton and finished uploading well over 4,000 counties...and only 2 couldnt be found. Not too bad! Until NAIP 2013 - Ill be back.

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