NAIP Aerial Imagery - 2006-2024 Colorado 50cm-1m Res

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NAIP Aerial Imagery - 2006-2024 Colorado 50cm-1m Res

The Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) has a vast amount of aerial imagery of most of the United States and its territories, with dates from 1955 to the present. Our data bundle is downloaded directly from the website and includes 2010 data over 30 states, 10 states dating 2009, and the rest dating 2008. The seamless images are created from orthoimages that have been mosaicked to show a continuous photographic map of a larger area. The orthoimagery component of The National Map is a standard seamless product with a 0.5 meter or finer pixel resolution and a 1,500-m x 1,500-m to 3,000-m x 3,000-m footprint. The images are georeferenced to NAD83 (North AMerican Datum 1983) and are in UTMn (Northern Uniform Transverse Mercator). The National Map is continually maintained and provides the most recent high resolution orthoimagery data through 2011.

USA NAIP Aerial Photography of Product Information

Date = 2009-2012 

Coverage = 100% County - 98% Continental USA (except certain military zones)

Projection = WGS84/Geodetic

Resolution = 50cm  to 1m

Format = SID or ECW or JPEG2000 (GeoTiff per special reuqest and pricing)

Delivery = 2TB hard drive 

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