USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle

USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle


The National Elevation Dataset (NED) is the primary elevation data product of the USGS. The NED is a seamless dataset with the best available raster elevation data of the conterminous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and territorial islands. The NED is updated on a nominal two month cycle to integrate newly available, improved elevation source data. 

All NED data are public domain. 

The NED is derived from diverse source data that are processed to a common coordinate system and unit of vertical measure. NED data are distributed in geographic coordinates in units of decimal degrees, and in conformance with the WGS84 Datum (Geodetic). All elevation values are in meters and, over the conterminous United State. The vertical reference will vary in other areas. 

NED data are available nationally (except for Alaska) at resolutions of 1 arc-second (about 30 meters) and 1/3 arc-second (about 10 meters), and in limited areas at 1/9 arc-second (about 3 meters). In most of Alaska, only lower resolution source data are available. As a result, most NED data for Alaska are at 2-arc-second (about 60 meters) grid spacing.

We deliver the complete 10m 2011 data bundle and where available the 3m data bundle for USA and Alaska and Hawaii.

Alley Mays | 56 reviews

Our US Army core of Egnineers downloaded the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data into our runtime Unreal Engine Mapping products as we do survaillance on the US boder.
Flaviano Rotti | 56 reviews

We use the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle for border security here in California and the data arrived in under 2 days.
Carl Sauer | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data was much easier to order at EarthOnDrive than it would have been to download all datasets.
Jean-Luc Duret | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle would have taken weeks to download from the USGS with their new data explorers, and it took us 2 days to order.
Meghan Tyler | 56 reviews

The WavGen Pro software is an awesome additional plugin and render technology we have adopted for our Maya and 3D Studio Max work flows.
Martin Klein | 56 reviews

We ordered the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data was processed further with our gdaldem and gdalwarp python technologies, and placed into our open street map tile server overnight.
Tom Liu | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle was a great additional to our mapping proecjts in Southern Texas and Arizona.
Julio Balaga | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data helped us on three USGS and US Army Core of Engineer projects happening along the Texas, Arizona and California borders.
Ruby Tran | 56 reviews

We order data for our Image Web Server Apollo technology as well as ESRI ArcGIS and the data ingested right into the work flows, and after gridding was serving data through our website with no problems (and a one time cost).
Matteo Norton | 56 reviews

The Image Web Server Apollo technology as well as ESRI ArcGIS loads this right off of the hard drive seamlessly.
Taliyah Mercado | 56 reviews

Great product and awesome customer care.
Stephaine Mcnish | 56 reviews

We ordered the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data for our army corps project along the US/Mexican boarder, and we are very happy with the purchase.
Lamont Hudgins | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle was a great additional to our telecommuncations work flow.
Bettina Afanador | 56 reviews

IThe highly accurate USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data is exactly like it would be is downloaded form government data centers, only we simply ordered the data on a hard drive.
Audy Szocik | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data is helping us construct the wall between the US and Mexico and the data is accurate to under 1m resolution. Grealty appreciate the speed to delivery.
Augusto Lamarche | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle is helping us plan several stages of the Texas and Mexico divider. We are thrilled to have all data delivered inside of 2 days, and great staff at EarthOnDrive who always take our calls with no messaging.
Norbert Arndt | 56 reviews

We tested the WavGen Pro software for a second customer of ours, and immediately had them bundle a render farm agreement.
Mario Pena | 56 reviews

We tested the WavGen supports for high dynamic range ECW, WGW, and JP2 and with the newest libraries - outstanding performance and much easier to work with than EXR images, and MUCH better rendering and loading performance than EXR.
Tomika May | 56 reviews

Out use of the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data along the southern US boarder helped us plan and integrate all our construction activities over the last several years. We just order aerial data as well. Fine service and extremely knowledgeable GIS folks.
Paul Pflinger | 56 reviews

The WavGen now supports ECW, WGW, and JP2 and with the newest libraries and release of WavGen Pro 3.0 now also supprts high dynamic ranges at and well beyond 16bit per channel (Float and Integer). Well done team!
Chila Gretz | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data is a very good addition to our image libraries, and we recieved the data in a timely fashion. Many thanks.
Sim Saladin | 56 reviews

There was no easy way to download all the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle at the USGS so we opted for the EarthOnDrive product, and we saved hundreds of ours downloading data.
Quincy Peters | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data would have taken us months to download off of the newest USGS servers. With EarthOnDrive it was delivered in under 4 days. Thank you and regards.
Sergei Atlinov | 56 reviews

The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle is an excellent and complete addition to anyones data catalogue. We highly recommend this product.
Kristen Kusko | 56 reviews

We ordered the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data as it was cheaper that hiring someone for weeks on end to download the data. And we got exactly what we were looking for, nothing more and nothing less. Thumbs up for the company!
Donovan Feldman | 56 reviews

We needed the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle for border protection along the Mexican border the the USA. We were able to get the data in under 1 week, and actually deploy the data the same day.
Gilbert Sullivan | 56 reviews

In need of highly accurate USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle data, we ordered and recieved the exact data we needed in under 2 business days. The way customer service should be. Thank you and your team for offering such high quality geospatial data over the years.
Rubertus Kanan | 56 reviews

Our work modeling weather requires very accurate and high resolution DEM/DSM data. The USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle is exactly this and it arrived in under a week.
Kimberly Werth | 56 reviews

We use the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle for our scientific projects successfully, and the data is well organized and very easy to use and deploy.
Marianne Becker | 56 reviews

We downloaded the initial data for USA DEMS, but after finding EarthOnDrive, we simply purchased the USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle. Took four days to deliver and was 100% complete.
Ken Zmierski | 56 reviews

Our USA 3m 10m DEM Bundle came in 3 business days and was fully complete, and is exactly what would have taken months to download from the USGS. Fully endorse this product, and promises definltely delivered.
Katerina Diatchenko | 56 reviews

would have taken a real and costly effort to download, yet we received the hard drive in 2 business days. EarthOnDrive is an excellent reseller soliution provider to the USGS.
Kim Zuettner | 56 reviews

Incredible technology and fits perfectly into our game engine desgigns. Three file formats are supported (ECW, WGW, and JP2). Perfect technology from professionals who understand their craft.
Xiang Xi | 56 reviews

The Image Web Server Apollo technology as well as ESRI ArcGIS loads this right off of the hard drive seamlessly. Great technology and awesome customer support.
Cathy Colnate | 56 reviews

Great product and awesome customer care.
Evelyn Frank | 56 reviews

Thank you for the summer 2014 special data pricing. Very timely delivery. Exactly what we were expecting.
Dorothea McGilligot | 56 reviews

Brilliant and properly georeferenced.
Gilda Ratner | 56 reviews

In just under 3 days we recieved the data on a hard drive and were finished with GIS server integration.
Hansi Gartner | 56 reviews

Great addition to our geoscout products, and we appreciate the speedy service.
Miriam Janek | 56 reviews

Outstanding data collection. Keep up the great work and please keep the prices low. Much apreciated summer specials.
Jan Olen | 56 reviews

This is a brilliant product as a companion to the USGS NED DEM Collection - only way to be sure you dont buy duplicate data is to bundle at these prices! Wouldnt want to be without this data collection. Brilliant.
Shaun OBrien | 56 reviews

This is the best bang for you money. Just like the USGS data but well under 4 days delivery and all on a HDD! Plug-n-play!
Jeff Pearlman | 56 reviews

Easy to use. Has solved access to and worry about my data collection!
Jimmy Holiday | 56 reviews

The perfect complement to the mosaic collection I already have prepared over the years. 100% satisfaction.
Jeff Anderburry | 56 reviews

Best thing ever. I had to download manually before. Now I have everything on a drive, forever. Just backed the data up and actually placed the second HDD into the bank deposit box for safe keeping. Never did that before with data :-/
Joop Kai | 56 reviews

I have purchased the DEM collection for my international project work. A must have on a hard drive.
Felix Baumgartner | 56 reviews

Great for not have to download all this stuff during my off hours at work.
Chad Holcombe | 56 reviews

Toyed buying a data set for months. Glad I jumped on the DEM NED bundle - saved me tons of time!!
Kjell Winther | 56 reviews

Today I received all my data, and immediately bought the World DEM EOD Bundle.
Maurizio Ravelli | 56 reviews

Amazing set of maps!
Markus Lorr | 56 reviews

Awesome one stop and shop dem product.
Rebecca Whittier | 56 reviews

I love this data bundle and wavgen team are great. I recommend any of the wavgen programs. :)
Khen Lee | 56 reviews

Love the products btw. I currently own 3 data sets. Also currently thinking of getting the NAIP data. I hope to enjoy the products for years to come, keep up the good work!
Tom Prattsburg | 56 reviews

Thanks for making such a great product!
Candace Bergen | 56 reviews

The best geodata catalog I have ever used! Love that it syncs through computer via a hard drive!
Lee Perkins | 56 reviews

I went on a shopping frenzy this year at EarthOnDrive. Ive found MANY incredible deals and I actually bought almost the entire data collections here. I am an avid cartography in retirement. Love this site. Great idea!

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