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We have collected 133,411 individual maps in WGS84 and Geodetic that cover all of USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico - BUNDLED - state by state. We took great care in delivering the data sets in a directory structure for your ease of deployment. You could download these files individually at the USGS for free but we have already completed this process for you.


WGS84 Geodetic 

Bit Depth 8bit per channel color (unsigned)

Delivered as no loss Geotiff



1,322 GB uncompressed (1,322,988,233 bytes)



Resolution 300 DPI

1:24,000 scale


Delivered on a 2TB drive.

Scott McClinton | 14 reviews

Easy transfer of data over my network and excellent support. :-)
Zepp Zanders | 14 reviews

Excellent product! Easy to setup and use with ArcGIS. Highly recommended.
Justin Clay | 14 reviews

I was, at first, hesitant to buy the EOD 24k set of maps because of all the collarless and boarder problems 3rd party vendors promise and dont deliver on, but I am so glad I did. The materials are perfectly projected to WGS84 Geodetic, every one of the 3,877 maps I have.
Harris Manko | 14 reviews

Perfect 24k TOPO maps. Great price! These maps in the EOD cartographic collection has worked out great for me. I dont know how much money I would have wasted not knowing about this site, but it is in the 1000s.
Joseph Setele | 14 reviews

Getting ready to go to 2012 ESRI Internaitonal Trade Show in San Diego. I just received the maps and it synced up perfectly with my desktop software. It did this over the hard drive directly. Now I have my whole collection in ArcGIS workflow and wont purchase any more data this year. Thanks to wavgen software, I am going to have a great ESRI Internaitonal Trade Show.
Geoge Lapidavis | 14 reviews

Tha best set of bundled maps for those who collect maps for project work.
Elton Moro | 14 reviews

This is the best map collection for any serious GIS developer ever. I actually use these maps every day and could not live without them in my project work. No joke.
Martin Mann | 14 reviews

This TOPO map collection provides an excellent way of getting it all at once, and knowing that you actually have all 5000 maps at once.
Mick Dieg | 14 reviews

I have used many map products. This is by far the best for a one time complete pruchase.
Paul Hallett | 14 reviews

I have been using these TOPO maps for a while now and find it extremely useful when out and about for referencing environmental projects.
Joe Douglas | 14 reviews

Ive spent the last hour or so adding all these maps to ArcGIS, both manually and automatically and Ive gotta say I am REALLY loving the integration. The directory structure for the data seems to flow a lot more smoothly into ESRI applications, and with the new order of some aerial NAIP data sets, I am ahead of schedule in finishing this project for the Army Core of Engineers. This is by far the best Satellite Data Bundle so far.
Fred English | 14 reviews

First off, I just want to say that I recently came back from the first ever ESRI 2012 San Diego Trade Show, and you are maps have helped me AMAZINGLY!
Christian Brondum | 14 reviews

Have used these data sets and maps for a few weeks, and came back to post a positive review.
Annetta Lemiuer | 14 reviews

I was constantly downloading maps and aerials and dems and actually put this order on my own credit card. I had no problem getting my boss to sign the invoice receipt later. Saved our company 100s of hours of time. Many, many thanks.

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