WavGen Pro Licensing

WavGen Pro Licensing

Should you decide to purchase a full version, or access a free 7 day FULL license, please complete the following steps to upload your license file to our servers:


1. Download the WinGen licensing tool [HERE]

2. Go to that particular computer which is to receive the Wavgen Pro? and run WinGen. Then go to the next, and so on...

3. Once all the license text files are generated for each render node and workstation use the Browse and Submit buttons below to submit your license file(s) individually.

4. Contact us for payment details.

3D Package



WinGen Text File



Your license will be qued and sent immediately on our mail server.

* note: for those who require large scale licensing, see licensing below.

Cumulatively Upload your Licenses

If you have 10 or more licenses resulting from a renderfarm and set of workstations, just zip them up and add your company as the name of the zip file and upload the zip file below.




Renderfarm Licensing


If you have 25 or more licenses resulting from a renderfarm and workstation environment, we'll build a single installer around an IP range, subnet mask, and domainname. You will need to write up a simple text message with a .txt extension (company_name.txt) who's contents' includes your company name and address and some network configuration information, and your contact details. Then simply upload this text file with the first uploader above.


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