WavGen Pro v3 3D Studio Max

WavGen Pro v3 3D Studio Max

Wavgen Terramapper Pro v3.0 (32/64)

WavGen Pro (Windows, OSX, and Linux) is the next generation of wavelet based applications that allows the user to load, model, animate, and render virtually unlimited size textures within Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage, and LightWave 3D with 100% third party tools, plugins, and render engine support. It includes five geodata layers of the globe, a shader (terrashader), procedural texture layer (inherent in the technology) and supports all datums and projection types. WavGen Terramapper Pro supports JPEG 2000 and ECW images, and multiple image conversion and compression tools are included.

Loading modelling, and rendering unlimited UV maps and textures is accomplished by only loading the parts of an image into memory that are actually visible in the final render in the resolution needed for the final image. To determine the optimum resolution of the image need for the render, WavGen Terramapper uses a number of variables, including for example the distance of the surface to the camera.

A smart caching system ensures that the performance hit on render times is minimal, especially when rendering out animations. This also reduces the load in file servers when rendering on a farm. The loading of scenes with WavGen's technology is much quicker than using natives images. When compared with ballooning EXR and MAP images, which expand the file as a bump map, the hit on the network and storage is minimal.

It has been our goal to integrate WavGen as tightly into any CG software as possible and to adhere to existing standards to make using it a smooth experience. We also include additional functionality, such as the 2K and 4K hardware texture in 3D software viewport.


System Capabilities


• Multithreading capabilities and render-farm performances

• 100% co-exists with 3D CG software and 3rd party software modules

• 100% third party tools, plugins, and renderers support native to OS

• Full Mentalray, VRay, FinalRender, Brazil, Turtle, Maxwell support 

• No more Jpeg Tiling & stitching, just one Terrabyte size wavelet file

• Realtime decoding at all zooms and incredible render performances

• Enhanced anti_aliasing & LOD features, no moireing & crawling ants

• Quickly reduce terrabytes of imagery down to a manageable size

• Free viewer, Photoshop plugin, & batch wavelet compressor

• No more malloc (memory allocation) problems during rendering

• Extremely high quality near realtime previsualizations

Cameron Frazer | 148 reviews

We are using the The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max on all Tour de France 2020 3D etappe stage terrain animations for the world ASO and ARD picture.
Mitsu Hakkinnon | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max is an incredible product that allows us to load hundreds if not thousands of enromous textures, with no hit on rendering or loading, amazing.
Mamie Cruz | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max has helped us power drive through high dynamic range 16bit color channel renderings.
Bodvar Ingifastsson | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max speeds up renderings inside of Max and loads hundreds of gigantic texture resolution files well above 100,000 by 100,000 pixel resolution each. Incredible technology achievements.
Frankie Buchanan | 148 reviews

The Max and Maya WavGen Pro v3.0 technology is astoudning, allowing us to load and model and render many gigantic textures inside of CG software.
Gina Soto | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro plugin for Max is an amazing ECW and JPEG2000 and WGW wavelet addition to our pipelines in large format and IMAX film resolutions.
Christoff Maldonado | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max is being used in many of our BIM and architectural renderings. A very fine product which we cannot see oding without.
Juiseppe Gaccione | 148 reviews

We absolutely love the WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max and highly recommend the plugin and rendering technology to al studios.
Nellie Ruiz | 148 reviews

WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max is an outstanding product with multi=threading insanely large texture maps, and rendering them as tiny jpegs. We remain amazed at this products virtue and ease of use for our artists.
Jill Brady | 148 reviews

The WavGen 3D Max plugin has been used for television and commercial tv work now for years and we are very happy to be in the know.
Grace Balke | 148 reviews

We deploy the WavGen Pro plugin on our renderfarm and artist workstations, and the speed of texture nodes loading and rendering is much faster now.
Dawn Mccoy | 148 reviews

Googles licensing just took another turn and is getting much tooo expensive, so we lined up EarthOnDrive data across the board with Open Street Maps, total success and one time.
Lindsey Walton | 148 reviews

The wavgen plugin with Vray well as Redshift works so well in high dynamic range textures, that we use it for everything (static, duynamic, shadering, etc).
Rosemarie Hawkins | 148 reviews

The Wavgen 3D Studio Max Plugin is an astounding technology and we have been enjoying large format texture compression in our tv and film work flow for years. Many thanks.
Shaun Mann | 148 reviews

Our work flow with the Studio Max WavGen plugin will remain effective in perpetuity, reducing huge textures down to a manageable size using JPEG2000 and ECW is a no brainer.
Rosie Stevenson | 148 reviews

Our renderfarms use the wavgen 3D studio max plugin in a variety of ways and now all of our texturing pipelines in all departments have moved away from EXR to WGW, ECW, 7 JPEG2000
Melanie Hampton | 148 reviews

,The WavGen pro software workflow replaces EXR with WGW/ECW and JPEG2000 reduced our network load and storage requirements 1000x fold at no loss in high dynamic range.
Bruce Clarke | 148 reviews

We use Wavgen 3D Studio Max plugins across all of our work flows and rendering. ECW WGW and JPEG2000 reduce files sizes ten-fold losslessly, while our former EXR work flow was a network and storage HOG!!!
Devin Harvey | 148 reviews

,The WavGen integration of ECW and JPEG2000 is a huge technology boost for AutoDesk 3D software in the form of a very versatile plugin.
Frank Harris | 148 reviews

Using textures and shaders in Maya and 3D Studio Max has always been cumbersome, but when we went to Wavgen and ECW and JPEG2000 our workflow and render efficiency sped up 10x fold.
Clinton Marshall | 148 reviews

Because of googles licensing and non-royalty-free imagery we started relyingon EarthOnDrive for alll our aerial and satellite borne imagery.
Jair Horton | 148 reviews

We use the wavgen plugin with Vrayas well as Redshift and its a huge cost savings to the facility.
Addisyn Shaw | 148 reviews

The 3D Studio Max plugin is absolutely amazing technology that utilizes ECW and JPEG2000 imagery..
Eugene Frye | 148 reviews

Deploying unlimited textures and shaders in Maya and 3D Studio Max is ONLY possible with Wavgen Pro software..
Tristin Neal | 148 reviews

Awesome wavgen 3Dstudio max plugin and integrates fanstatic with Vray and Redshift and all our 3rd party tools
Kayley Dalton | 148 reviews

The WavGen pro software is an exceptional and quite unqiue product allowing us to load, model and render thousands of high resolution textures with no slowness.
Paulina Nicholson | 148 reviews

The WavGen 3D Studio Max plugins are part of several world wide locations, allowing us to move massive textures and scene siles at 50x times the speed, and a great addition to our pipelines.
Nadia Carter | 148 reviews

Powerful mega texture technology much better suited than Carmack ID megatexture handling. A huge technology boost for AutoDesk 3D software in the form of a versatile plugin.
Nash Bush | 148 reviews

WavGen software for our visualizations has allowed us to integrate massive amounts of textures seamlessly.
Eliza Lyons | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro plugin for Max is top notch for terrain graphics in a style we control.
Sofia Holder | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max is an amazing technology that allows you to load, model and render many hundreds of very large textures, or also use for displacement. We are funding new ways to implement this plugin each day, and we also received a generous volume discount by the EOD team.
Un Gaccione | 148 reviews

We have just upgraded our renderfarm to WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max after being one of the first VFX teams to score the plugin back in 2005. We are now way past EXR for a variety of good reasons. A must for anyone in the VFX industry to test and discover.
Terrie Rux | 148 reviews

WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max is an outstanding value and the latest version even outdoes EXR by higher bit depth, high dynamic range data and most importantly files are reduced using (ECW/JPEG200) and not bloated to 5x the original size like with EXRs pyramidal level of detail. Outstanding technology which we use daily in all aspects of visual effect and post.
Pamela Peterson | 148 reviews

The WavGen 3D Max plugin is absolutley outrageous allowing us to load TBs of imagery and render in seconds. Fantastic technology.
Iris Silva | 148 reviews

Out WavGen Pro plugin licensing across our 100++ node renderfarm keeps the network noise to a bare minum, and allows artists to load files 100x faster, and render them much faster as well. A killer technology, no joke about it.
Zetta Bivin | 148 reviews

Thanks to the Wavgen 3D Studio Max Plugin we were able to get quite a few tv commercials out the door much quicker. It is an astounding technology and we have worked with it for years.
Ken Nunez | 148 reviews

The 3D Studio Max plugin is an incredible technology which should be part of every TDs arsenal.
Charlene Binder | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max is an amazing technology, way ahead of its time. We have no network or storage slowness, and can easily deploy highest dynamic range imagery well below the network or storage footprint of EXRs.
Ashlen Demone | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max was first licensed by our former company in 2002 and has since become so main and staple to our film, television, and commercial pipeline work flows. Amazing technology and timeless.
April Jordan | 148 reviews

The Max and Maya WavGen Pro v3.0 technologies we licensed from EarthOnDrive are out of this world good.
Carmine Arnett | 148 reviews

3D Studio Max and wavgen technology is an excellent experience, opening new doors to creativity for our TV and large format film work.
Garner Knutson | 148 reviews

Wavgen plugin for Maya and Max is amazing. Rediculous how many TB sized images one can load, certainly close to unlimited amounts of imagery.
Michele Richards | 148 reviews

3D Studio Max and wavgen technologies we recently put into use allowed us to complete our projects weeks in advance. Time saved equals money daved, and we are grateful.
Whitney Manning | 148 reviews

Our 3D Studio Max work flows were helped trmendously by the wavgen ECW and JPEG2000 technologies, which boost our productivity 10 fold over EXR and TIFF images.
Alexis Mulvda | 148 reviews

The Max and Maya WavGen Pro v3.0 technology is truly unique and outstanding.
Chad Mayfair | 148 reviews

We use 3D Studio Max and wavgen technology for commercial, large format film, and television work for years, and just bought another 100 licenses.
Rick Swanson | 148 reviews

We ave a variety of TV, Film and commercial work where we have integrated the wavgen plugin and cannot deliver without it, great joy and success and many thanks
Zoran Mijalkov | 148 reviews

Absolutely grand Wavgen 3D Studio Max plugin technologies, allowing us to utilize high dynamic range (16bit and higher) multi-layer including alpha support, imagery for displacement and texture mapping. We are extremely satisfied with this technology.
Sergei Pavrov | 148 reviews

The Wavgen software for studio max is outrageous and we still cannot understand how such large textures and displacement maps (in excess of 900,000 by 900,000 pixels, render in under 3 seconds. Absolutely amazing technology.
Nichapeng Krasuang | 148 reviews

We license the WavGen pro software to replace EXR imagery in our pipelines and work flows, as the JPEG2000 and ECW and WGW high dynamic range imagery renders 50x times faster across storage and network topographies at no loss in quality, amazing technology.
Manfred Uhe | 148 reviews

Our WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max work flows now support high dynamimc imagery and very high bit range technology. We have dropped the use of EXR imagery and have gone the way of JPEG2000/ECW and WGW file formats. This technology renders much, much faster.
Hei-Lo Chen | 148 reviews

Using the high dynamic (
Richard Korkes | 148 reviews

The Max and Maya WavGen Pro v3.0 technology is amazing. Completely seamless work flows as if you were working with tiffs or PNGs, but the difference is the huge amount of image resolution behind WavGen Pro.
Klive Beachum | 148 reviews

We use 3D Studio Max and wavgen for many television, commercial and feature film work flows. Quite a nice technology.
Steve Allen | 148 reviews

We use the wavgen plugin with Redhsift and also Vray and Mentalray, and the render times and quality of high dynamic range frames are impressive.
Kristijian Beshrevska | 148 reviews

Excellent 3D Studio Max plugin which allows us to get well beyond 16bit/channel and render extremely large data sizes.
Alexandra Gukov | 148 reviews

Awesome wavgen software for studio max. Great new 16-bit and higher - high dynamic range functionality. We remain astonished and use the plugin renderer every day in our work flows.
Nicha Pa | 148 reviews

The WavGen pro software is exactly what we needed, to save time and money mip-mapping all our textures, and the new 16-bit and high dynamic range is working out very well. Incredible render times too.
Neri Hednov | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max is such an easy to use buit most powerful file format and textureing technology, and we are very, very happy to be using it.
Marianne Fluegler | 148 reviews

We have found the WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max as a texturing solution, and have more recently purchased more as we sart using it for all our beauty passes in classic produciton (not just geospatial).
Gerhardt Schroeder | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max is working well withg all our other plugins and render engines and queueing. We are very excited to see the dynamic texturing solved so easily on the file format level, which takes loads off of our Network and Storage requirements.
Ling How-Mei | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max works excellent in our Crytek and Unreal game pipelines. We are able to dynamically uprez our textures for our realtime game development and are astounded how fast the image files load.
Jill Morowski | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max is absolutely the plugin invention of the century folks. Absolutely brilliant.
Walter Tosti | 148 reviews

We have just upgraded our renderfarm to WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max and were one of the first european shops to use it for all our UV Maps and Texturing. Cannot live without it, as the huge storage and network speeds, directly translate into money saved in produciton.
Zlatko Mrejchic | 148 reviews

WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max is an outstanding value and supports all bit depths and IEEE standards. Astounding compression values with exceptional detail. Works much easier than Open EXR which tends to significantly balloon data sizes on disk, and significantly ties down storage and network resources.
Peter Schick | 148 reviews

We use the WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max together with Vray and sometimes Iray. An astounding level of detail packed into a tight file size, with no loss and very high bit depth and color ranges. A superlative product for all our CG work in large format film, television, and commercial work flows.
Sean-Lo Mai | 148 reviews

This plugin called WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max is being used in all our CG and VFX work flows, without a glitch, and across multiple cores. We actually have it also working in our nVidia core GPU server and running extremely fast in realtime on Vray 3.0. Exceptional data quality as well.
Kobi Terusaki | 148 reviews

We use this technology for large format film, television commercials, special CG projects, and press advertisement. You would be astonished to know how much earth content we have completed over the years with WavGen Pro v3 or 3D Studio Max. An exceptional AutoDesk plugin and one of the best made.
Brooke Mansfield | 148 reviews

Our team is successfully using WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max with Vray and the load times of heavy scenes is reduced 20 fold and the render times are much, much better.
Thomas Gavier | 148 reviews

We are using Vray with WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max and are very happy.
Mei-Lai Lo | 148 reviews

Very powerful technology and we combine WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Studio Max with Vray.
Mike Finn | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 3D Studio Max technology is now working in our 100 node render farm and 20 work station environment, and adds a power MUST-HAVE punch to the standard software modules installed by 3D Studio Max. The worlds first wavelet shader for enormous and unlimited amounts of texture and UV mapped nodes works flawlessly.
Ingrid siniakova | 148 reviews

Perfect interplay between ECW/JPEG000 and our BIM architectural realtime VIZ projects. Highly recommended software for AutoDesk Products.
Carol Barnett | 148 reviews

These Plugins for 3D Studio Max and Maya are amazing. We can load hundreds of texures all above 100GB and the behavior is realtime in our modeling and game engine enviro.
Sasha Somolovski | 148 reviews

We used to use Google Earth. Because of googles licensing and non-royalty-free images, are are very happy to use 3D Studio Max and wavgen.
Konstanz Granni | 148 reviews

We use the wavgen plugin with Vray and its a huge cost savings to the facility.
Claire Zanni | 148 reviews

Excellent 3D Studio Max plugin. We have wanted to integrate ECW and JPEG2000 imagery properly for a long time now in our effects studios.
Konrad Tchenko | 148 reviews

Awesome wavgen software for studio max. works great with Vray and all our 3rd party tools, and our pipeline.
Birgette Breier | 148 reviews

The WavGen pro software is quite remarkable and fully integrated in our workflow.
Joe Serenski | 148 reviews

The WavGen 3D Studio Max plugins are part of our studios world wide and a great addition to our pipelines.
Irene Wild | 148 reviews

Powerful mega texture technology so that we can include unlimited size textures, UV maps, Displacement Maps, and any other kind of texture in our 3D Software. We use both Maya and 3D Studio Max.
Ted Rich | 148 reviews

Deploying unlimited textures and shaders in Maya and 3D Studio Max is ONLY possible with Wavgen Pro software. We are extremely pleased.
Amy Kovac | 148 reviews

WavGen software for our visualizations has allowed us wonderful project work for film, television, and commercials.
Karen Smith | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro plugin for Max is helping our Discovery Channel productions delivery the necessary terrain graphics in a style we control. We used to use Google Earth, but the logo free renderings, as well as the freedom to get very high quality renderings out of 3D Studio Max, made this an easy purchase.
Clayton Bauer | 148 reviews

The wavgen plugin simply works with Vray and we have a few projects that will be streamlined using wavgen pro this Fall. Will be a huge cost savings to the facility.
Michael Monetti | 148 reviews

A great addition to 3D Studio Max, and we use it daily in our studios in Milan.
Albrecht Danne | 148 reviews

We are very happy with the wavgen tool for studio max. works great with Vray and all our 3rd party tools.
Harold Branduer | 148 reviews

The WavGen pro software is quite remarkable, and we have changed our 3D work flow to accomodate.
Marcus Clement | 148 reviews

The WavGen Max plugins are a fantastic invention.
Canny Delarante | 148 reviews

WavGEn Pro and the special pricing on the data is excellent. Renderfarm working and cranking out massive textures and imagery. Unbelievable that Wavgen can render TB size textures in under 10 seconds each. Not even a network load issue. Brilliantly invented technology.
Salina Grenoble | 148 reviews

Our Tour de France producitons are working well with Wavgen Pro. We used to use Google maps but this product by far outperforms in quality, using 3D Studio Max native and then also vray.
Ross Miller | 148 reviews

3D Studio Max plugin series we purchased is working perfectly in Studio Max 2014 with both native, vray, and mentalray support.
Maxim Tepelov | 148 reviews

We have a complete bundled set of products from EOD and are happy with delivery.
Favier Gatney | 148 reviews

The NAIP data collections are 100% complete now with this product. The directory structure is sound and makes sense.
Trina Von Hilt | 148 reviews

We produce television animations for european broadcast using Wavgen Pro software. Nice pipeline workflow.
Stacy Klint | 148 reviews

Wavgen Pro software helped us get a great set of television projects going with NatGeo. Awesome software and works seamlessly with Vray.
Arnold Hitchens | 148 reviews

We are a longtime return customer to the Wavgen Pro software, and our urban planning initiatives are completed much quicker now with the AutoDesk integration with Landexplorer.
Philipp Montsera | 148 reviews

We purchased the WavGen software and are easily delivering 3D terrains for 2K television. Pipeline is pwerful with Global Mapper.
Victor Luon | 148 reviews

Awesome WavGen Max plugin. Works great in our render farm for forensic animations, thumbs up.
Jennifer Palmer | 148 reviews

We are successfully using your wavgen for 3D studio max plugin, and it is amazing how it can load unlimited size textures and render them in under a few minutes per frame. Thank you so much.
Daniel Klosters | 148 reviews

The WavGen Pro plugin for Max is a novelty. Still. We purchased it 4 years ago, and updated yesterday. We love it.
Xaviar Lehni | 148 reviews

The wavgen plugin is quite good with Vray. Good work.
Walter Marit | 148 reviews

A great addition to 3D Studio Max.
Jean Sebastian | 148 reviews

We are very happy with the wavgen tool for studio max. works great with mentalray and all our 3rd party tools and renderers
Hans Mosier | 148 reviews

Clemens Grocier | 148 reviews

The WavGen Max plugins are incredible. You are inventor class folks. To think that this stuff was available 6 years before google earth even existed - let alone google - shows exceptional class. Keep on rocking guys.
Dino Deangelo | 148 reviews

Thanks for the WavGen Pro plugins. Render farm working great. Awesome licensing BTW.
Shayla Keeney | 148 reviews

Our powers of ten went really well for Too Fast Too Furious 2 - thanks to Wavgen.
Joe Bell | 148 reviews

3D Studio Max plugin working just fine for our Discovery and National Geographic productions.
Rob Delozier | 148 reviews

We hit a wall with other imagery purchased online and we decided to take advantage of the summer sales pricing at EOD. We are now up and server imagery off of the cloud in under a week SO GREAT JOB EOD.
Umberto Gonzalez | 148 reviews

We have used the EOD NAIP data and EOD Bundles successfully in the WavGen Pro software for visualizing sports. Very satisfied with the data quality, and services.
Renee Dumas | 148 reviews

The TV Animations we produce with WavGen Pro 3D Studio Max tools and technology works effortlessly with the bundled data we purchased. Many thanks and much appreciated!
Carolyn Merrill | 148 reviews

Just paid for and down loaded the Wavgen Pro s/w...just waiting on my permanent installers and i will get started next week. THANK YOU..! Loading all of these very large data sets into 3D Studio Max was going to be a daunting task for this project.
Jerry Brown | 148 reviews

I am new to your WavGen Pro software and decided to buy the geospatial data first as my collection of over 3,000 raster aerials (NAIPs) and DEM data was getting a little out of date. Ive started cataloguing them all now (will take forever haha) but its a great set of data and I am really enjoying the purchase. Once I am done with the NAIP aerials, I will order the cartographic EOD bundle. Keep up the great work.
Marcel Durne | 148 reviews

I absolutely love the wavgen software and the programs and tools and plugins. I love the price even more. I have always wanted to render landscapes of almost unlimited dimension in 3D Studio Max. My extensive data collection, however, were ridiculously expensive or not even feasible at Google Earth or MS Terraserver. In one step I managed all the data needs of my customers and ongoing projects and am able to render TV animations without logos or watermarks legally. Absolutely crashing and brilliant! Congratulations on a great business model.
David Bay | 148 reviews

After three minutes of using the WavGen Pro software with the 3D Studio Max desktop maplication, I was hooked. Worth it. Now I can finally render huge lots of uv maps and textures with no memory issues what so ever.
Tom Messina | 148 reviews

I am a long-time customer of WavGen and I have always found your products and your staffs service AAA+++.
Charles Grady | 148 reviews

Excellent 3D software addition, nothing quite like it. I like the way it handles lossless JPEG2000 in the height field in 3D Studio Max.
Muhammad Sisel | 148 reviews

Been a WavGen fanatic since I purchased my first version in 2006. Have watched it grow through the years. Finally broke down bought a bunch of render seats. Will be preparing for a big project this weekend here in the Kingdom of Saud. Dont stop making it better.
Dave OConnell | 148 reviews

Well tested and useful, its great to have wavgen with me at work doing highway viz and urban planning stuff. Data sets work great for narrowing down the shot and no more Google Earth logos!!! Took me over a year to pull the trigger because of the price, lol.
Damon Sauther | 148 reviews

I have had the PC version of Wavgen Pro for years and love this product. This software, along w/the compression tools also are a perfect match for ECW, SID, and JPEG2000. Lets you have access to terrabytes of data for 3D as well as 2D.
Bill Nelson | 148 reviews

May I say what a wonderful piece work this is. Must have taken years to process. Ive invested in the WavGen Pro Version which is also for sale off of this site (WavGen Inc??), and have been working with 3D Studio Max. Truly a fabulous program. Well done to the team.
Gur Ralbesi | 148 reviews

I use this software to prepare battle scenes as a set of 3ds max files. A must have for any environment modeller!
Jena Jorgenson | 148 reviews

WavGen works flawless. Easy sync of EOD data to PC. Love it! Especially when going to powers of ten. Did a great euro trailer last year on this.
Min Dakar | 148 reviews

Using WavGen Pro. Its working perfectly with my render queue. Thanks!
Richard Harris | 148 reviews

I just wanted to write and say how pleased I am at having purchased the licenses for the WavGen Pro. Thank You.
Micheal Dickson | 148 reviews

Love this software. I have a library with several thousand imagery products and do a lot of animation work. It works great with Vray adn Vue (for the clouds and armosphere).
Edward Glaze | 148 reviews

I have been using the wavgen pro on my PC for years. I just updated to 2012....its awesome! Thanks to your team on making such a great 3D software set.
Alan Haines | 148 reviews

I give this brilliantly programmed wavgen software and customer support is great too.
Christoph Kantz | 148 reviews

The instalation and the migration of my present 3D work flow to Wavgen Pro and its file types was easy. Ask about additional 3D Studio Max GDAL scripts and you shall receive. These guys know 3D Terrain Visualizations (i guess they wrote the book on the subject matter). Glad to be onboard!
Keith Dallinger | 148 reviews

This software works exactly as described. The memory features are great! Ill be organizing a wavgen renderfarm soon.
Kurt Koblenz | 148 reviews

I have been with your company for many years. Rock solid 3D studio max work flows with wavgen have saved me tons of time. I use ECWs mostly, and when I need 16bit height fields I use the custom GDAL max scripts for importing DEMs.
Richard Boehme | 148 reviews

We put the technology in a renderqueue environment and it Works perfectly. Skips every 100 frames or so but that is easily queued int he morning. No issues and awesome software.
Kelly Porter | 148 reviews

Thank you so very much, to tell you the truth, I did not expect such a technology to render UV and my Map textures and speed up my renders so greatly.
Gustov Inirov | 148 reviews

Ive been using wavgen for 3D studio max and design for over a year now and am pleased. Works great with Vue and Vray for my 3D terrain vi and virtual reality work.
Gail Gibbons | 148 reviews

I want to thank you, for your help in getting my wavgen software up and running again. Your quick service has made me glad that I have your program for our 3D studio max rendering over Ireland.
Armando Torres | 148 reviews

First, hands of to all you guys for an awesome job you guys/gals did in this new wavgen pro. Ive been a customer since your first version, and just when I thougt theres nothing else to add to this already excellent software, you guys brought in GDAL and ECW and JPEG2000 into a max scripted environment. I am able to immediately load any DEM file into Max in true world coordinates!!!!
Nate Mayer | 148 reviews

Thanks for the new features! Been waiting for the version 3 of wavgen, especially for the newest JPEG2000 libs to be integrated. Also the max scripts for 3D studio and Design base don GDAL are powerful. I had to rewrite them for my specific needs, worth the upgrade for sure!
Freddy Dittmar | 148 reviews

Wavgen software and start loading enormous uv maps and textures and height fields... Cannot find anything like it for Maya and 3D Studio Max.
Khalid Cheema | 148 reviews

Having ordered the wavgen pro software to enhance our custom 3D studio max work flows here in India, I am impressed. This ECW and JPEG2000 technology really has been overlooked in the CG industry. Very slick! Rendered a long scene of over 340 textures (each with 10GB in size) in my wavgen render farm in under 8 minutes per frame. Amazing software and excellent support!
Daniel Theriault | 148 reviews

I am a long time loyal user of wavgen pro software and tremendously enjoy using this program together with 3D Studio Max. Nothing comes close to it. The motto for Keep It Compact and simple has been in existence with these guys since 2002 when I first bought the software. Not too many software companies can claim to have the kind of close ties with its users that wavgen has. Thats it for now and I am looking forward to next update.
Shay Chapweske | 148 reviews

I am very happy with the wavgen pro software and am excited about the improvements youve made over the last several years. I purchased a data collection with just over 1,100 maps and aerials over the northeastern USA, and we were able to render off the project in less than a week!! The entire collection is next on my list. Thank you for an excellent, easy to use, well thought out set of products!
Bruno Krewaldt | 148 reviews

For some due praise, I love, love love wavgen pro. I have just finished loading 1,441 uv maps and textures using the wavgen pro and only on a few occasions did I have to go to queue the renderings.... I love its speed! Thank you guys so much for making life a little more exciting in FX.
Joe Winter | 148 reviews

So far I am enjoying wavgen pro. I like the new GDAL max script stuff, it makes adding dems a lot easier when adding multiple titles with similar names.
Andre Bernd | 148 reviews

Since a couple of days I am working with your wavgen software. You have done a great work, to make this computer program work seamlessly with 3D Studio Max. Every day I take less than a few seconds to load a very heavy scene file. It used to take over 10 minutes! Thank you very much.
Kevin Rhodes | 148 reviews

As with all the wavgen maps textures, simply superb rendering speeds and the best support of any software anywhere!
John Coon | 148 reviews

Been using the wavgen pro software for some time now, but these map additions are wonderful. Well done guys!
Geoff Bowman | 148 reviews

I have been using wavgen pro for about 5 years now. The latest version is by far the best yet with the max script GDAL integration. So easy to use, and seamless integration of all my textures and uv maps. I had been looking around for years to find a program like this. GLad I found these guys for my 3D Studio Max projects!

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