WavGen Pro v3 Lightwave

WavGen Pro v3 Lightwave

Wavgen Terramapper Pro v3.0 (32/64)

WavGen Pro (Windows, OSX, and Linux) is the next generation of wavelet based applications that allows the user to load, model, animate, and render virtually unlimited size textures within Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage, and LightWave 3D with 100% third party tools, plugins, and render engine support. It includes five geodata layers of the globe, a shader (terrashader), procedural texture layer (inherent in the technology) and supports all datums and projection types. WavGen Terramapper Pro supports JPEG 2000 and ECW images, and multiple image conversion and compression tools are included.

Loading modelling, and rendering unlimited UV maps and textures is accomplished by only loading the parts of an image into memory that are actually visible in the final render in the resolution needed for the final image. To determine the optimum resolution of the image need for the render, WavGen Terramapper uses a number of variables, including for example the distance of the surface to the camera.

A smart caching system ensures that the performance hit on render times is minimal, especially when rendering out animations. This also reduces the load in file servers when rendering on a farm. The loading of scenes with WavGen's technology is much quicker than using natives images. When compared with ballooning EXR and MAP images, which expand the file as a bump map, the hit on the network and storage is minimal.

It has been our goal to integrate WavGen as tightly into any CG software as possible and to adhere to existing standards to make using it a smooth experience. We also include additional functionality, such as the 2K and 4K hardware texture in 3D software viewport.


System Capabilities


• Multithreading capabilities and render-farm performances

• 100% co-exists with 3D CG software and 3rd party software modules

• 100% third party tools, plugins, and renderers support native to OS

• Full Mentalray, VRay, FinalRender, Brazil, Turtle, Maxwell support 

• No more Jpeg Tiling & stitching, just one Terrabyte size wavelet file

• Realtime decoding at all zooms and incredible render performances

• Enhanced anti_aliasing & LOD features, no moireing & crawling ants

• Quickly reduce terrabytes of imagery down to a manageable size

• Free viewer, Photoshop plugin, & batch wavelet compressor

• No more malloc (memory allocation) problems during rendering

• Extremely high quality near realtime previsualizations

Aston Prichtford | 77 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Lightwave is an astounding product as we are purchasing a renderfarm licensing arrangement next.
Jasmin Bazalgette | 77 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Lightwave is an astounding product as it handles all bit-depths and dynamic ranges inside of OSX, Windows, and Linux.
Carol Castillo | 77 reviews

These Wavgen Autodesk plugins we recently licensed is an astounding technology able to load and render hundreds or even thousands of extremely large mega-textures.
Samuel Ramos | 77 reviews

WavGen ECW and JPEG2000 technology is better at handling high dynamic range imagery than other file formats such as EXR. We are not only hooked, but secretly deploy this stuff on all of our producitons as the best kept secret in CG.
Janet Morgan | 77 reviews

The Lightwave WavGen plugin for Newtek is by far the most amazing technology we have encountered, and we are very happy to pay maintenance and support every year.
Courtney Wood | 77 reviews

The lightwave wavgen plugin set we purchased for network rendering is asounding and very fast, and quite easy to implement.
Kathleen Norman | 77 reviews

We use WavGen extensively to texture thousands of static and dynamic textures, and with the latest release use it for all our dynamic range textures (shader tools).
Sonia Griffin | 77 reviews

The Lightwave Plugin works as promised and allows a huge improvement on texuring, rendering, and artist workflows, reducing file sizes tremendously via ECW and JPEG2000 (instead of increasing them via EXR).
Carla Finney | 77 reviews

,Lightwave and Wavgen Pro v3 is incredible and very unique and a must for any Lightwave work flow. Rendering and use of ECW and JPG2000 is incredible.
Mohammed Parker | 77 reviews

WavGen now allows us to model advanced textures through our game engine pipelines quickly and the responsive nature of ECW is amazing.
Rachael Meadows | 77 reviews

We are using this Lightwave Plugin for many of our large format film and television work. Its astounding and the only technology to allow for such megatexture technology.
Carley Nichols | 77 reviews

'We are deploying Lightwave integration of WavGen Pro v3 successfully, and are astounded at this technology.'
Derek Mckee | 77 reviews

WavGen Pro is a master technology and we have a large renderfarm and are using it for Maya quite well.
Theodore Kerr | 77 reviews

We introduced WavGen to three film industrial parks last month in China. I believe all of the industrial parks have licensed the technology. Congratulations.
Anne Soto | 77 reviews

The WavGen software is superior to anything we have deployed for texture solutions.
Dane Cole | 77 reviews

Our military visualizations use this technology daily for the realtime nature in Unreal Epic game engine technology.
Leo Pittman | 77 reviews

The Lightwave WavGen plugin for Newtek is by far faster than the one from a European company, so we went with this technology, and allows us to take full advantage of ECW and JPEG2000 rendering & Animation for all operating systems (currently OSX and Windows).
Irene Murray | 77 reviews

The lightwave wavgen plugin set we pruchased for network rendering in the amazon cloud allowed us to upload enormous textures 100x faster, and render quality was outstanding at ECW 16bit. We highly recommend this technology.
Phaidra Cacici | 77 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Lightwave was used for many of the features and commercials in our production environment here in London.
Kristine Phillips | 77 reviews

These Wavgen Autodesk plugins we recently licensed are tremendous, and we can really load, model and render TBs of imagery
Isabel Wilkins | 77 reviews

WavGen ECW and JPEG2000 technology suprasses other file formats such as EXR and PNG for so many good reasons.
Fredric Arreola | 77 reviews

Modeling Wavgen pro and then rendering using Wavgen Pro is as easy as a simple gif texture, but the ability to load and model and render Terabytes of imagery is a whole new paradigm.
Zhou Lanai | 77 reviews

These Wavgen Autodesk plugin technologies for 3D Studio Max and Maya is absolutely the rage, loading terrabytes of textures and displacements maps, and rendering in under 10 seconds.
Mariano Jura | 77 reviews

Being able to load ECW and JPEG2000 as a displacement and texture loading and rendering technology has helped us tremendously, saving days upon days of time and man hours.
Gerd Hulbig | 77 reviews

Modeling textures with wavgen pro using the newest high dynamic range libraries is as fast to render as to network and storage, with amazing cost savings to the render savvy technician.
Allan Carmichael | 77 reviews

We are using the WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Lightwavesuccessfully in large format film, television, and commercial work, and find it astounding to great high dynamic range (16bit and 32bit) texture and displacement mapping that renders incredibly fast.
Chi-Ho Li | 77 reviews

With our Autodesk yearly subscription of all 3D Studio Max and Maya in China, someone suggested we pruchase the WavGen Pro software for our specific needs, and we now realize this is our favorite plugin for our work.
Amy Sores | 77 reviews

ECW and JPEG2000 as a displacement and texture loading and rendering mechanism really is impressive. We order several licenses and are working with this technology daily.
Stephen Coltrain | 77 reviews

Modeling textures with wavgen pro is so simple and allows us to increase our texture file quality greatly. We are a realtime game simulation division and are very happy with this technology.
Steven Daggar | 77 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Lightwave plugin is an extremely light weight, network savvy, and storage savvy file format we use with our 3D work flows all the time. Very impressive software and we look forward to working with some of your example data as well.
Larry Borkes | 77 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Lightwave plugin is helping our team at NASA model and render enourmous planetary objects in lightning speed. Load, model and rendering texture data is our business, and we have an outstanding tool to do these renderings.
Boris Zladovic | 77 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for 3D Lightwave is an outstanding must have plugin. We annouced it years ago and just updated to our 100 node render farm.
Lisa Schreckinger | 77 reviews

WavGen Pro v3 for Lightwave helps us animate for the Discovery Channel, NatGeo, and History Channel. Anywhere we need earth animations, we use this astounding plugin and there is nothing like this we know of. Highest resolutions of the Earth, Mars, Moon, can simply be rendered in seconds.
Matt Harrison | 77 reviews

We have deployed several licenses of WavGen Pro v3 for Lightwave for many years and are loyal customers for our TV and Commerical and Film work.
Steffen Morian | 77 reviews

We are using WavGen Pro v3 for Lightwave for planetary visualizations and are extremely happy with the latest version.
Chi-Lau Pan | 77 reviews

We use these plguins in AutoDesk Creation Suite and it helps our work flows tremendoulsy with PhotoShop.
Dom Garcetti | 77 reviews

Our 3D pipeline implimentations of ECW and JPEG2000 require the use of this plugin, and searching everywhere we have only found this astounding solution.
Walter Scott | 77 reviews

The technology allows you to model and advance the textures into game engines quite easily. Remarkable and happy 10th year anniversary.
Olaf Grundig | 77 reviews

We are co-developing a product for MODO and are also loving Lightwave integration. Simply works and we use it daily.
Herbertus Manois | 77 reviews

We are using this Lightwave Plugin for many of our large format film and television work. Its astounding and the only technology out to allow for mega textures. Wow.
Jerome Gitt | 77 reviews

WavGen Pro is a master technology and the inventors were rpe Google-Earth by 5 years. We have a large renderfarm and are using for Maya, 3D Studio Max, SoftImage, and Lightwave.
Yang Zhizai | 77 reviews

We introduced WavGen to three film industrial parks last month in China. I believe all of the industrial parks have licensed the technology. Congratulations.
Specer Rettna | 77 reviews

The WavGen software is very superior to anything out there.
William Prescott | 77 reviews

Our military visualizations use this technology together with Respower in Virginia daily. We would liek to thanks the inventors of this technology dearly.
Patrick Smith | 77 reviews

Lightwave WavGen plugins are an enormous boost to our planetary visualization workflows. The only technology aboe to reduce large textures to a renderable size. Congrads on this awesome invention.
Dave Messing | 77 reviews

The lightwave wavgen plugins are working in a cluster of 100 nodes. We reduce the textures with ECW and JP2 files, and are rendering things that used to take us weeks, in under a day.
Thomas Struck | 77 reviews

Nice job compiling all the cartography. Great complete product for the price and helps save us tons of download time.
Kip Raston | 77 reviews

Lightwave WavGen plugins updated and working. Congrads on Red Herring 2013. Finally getting some attention after 10 years
Dave Baker | 77 reviews

The lightwave wavgen plugins are kicking ass here in Utah - many thanks.
Troy Marrow | 77 reviews

Flight Simulator here! And these data helps me stay under control with Microsoft Flight Sim Software! Will be checking out the WavGen pro software soon! EOD also have all the VFS and IFR and Sectionals for order. Havent seen these up on the site yet.
Niel Packard | 77 reviews

For so long I used memory on a massive scale. What issues I had! Now deploying WavGen pro successfully (JPEG2000 and ECW 3D Animations look photo real)!
David Seputt | 77 reviews

Great software to have when I am out doing terrain visualization. And no copyright stuff concerning all the data! Life as it should be.
Admas Sitney | 77 reviews

Great software that is totally worth it and not just for geodata. Honestly glad I put up the order for this one!
Dominique Tulles | 77 reviews

Great software. Works perfect. Very cool. Thanks.
Roger Vellenueve | 77 reviews

An excellent wavgen pro software. Bought it two years ago and am quite happy with it.
Spencer Hayes | 77 reviews

The WAVGEN software rocks, allows me to really break through the amount of RAM and Memory management. Just bought the full software version!
Rcihard Asmus | 77 reviews

Makes it even more fun to work with GIS data. WavGen Pro is great.
Deke Marrow | 77 reviews

Awesome program.
Kurt Lorenz | 77 reviews

Used this software for a few years now. It has saved me numerous amounts of money and time!
Wes Florez | 77 reviews

Ive taken this software to a number of customers and wavgen has me working with forensic animations again. Much mapreciated.
Joe | 77 reviews

Great program. Works great for scanning in batches. Another great prog from wavgen.
Paul Chinar | 77 reviews

I just wanted to say what a great support staff. They go above and beyond needs in rendering 3D terrains and we are active with project work because of their help. Thanks.
Joan Cameron | 77 reviews

Coolest software for 3D terrain animation EVER. Ive been looking for something like this for the past 10 years.... I am glad i finally found it!!!!
Gerd Burkhardt | 77 reviews

Add me to the satisfied group. Ive had wavgen pro since version 1.1 (its now at 3) and only had minor issues that were ALL fixed. I live in Canada and the projects I have done for tv and entertainment have all benefitted.
Todd Sacer | 77 reviews

wavgen - bought it - Works just like it should
Greg Klein | 77 reviews

Ive been using wavgen software for years now. It just keeps getting better and better. Being able to take your data and render unlimited size huge uv maps and textures is amazing.
Bob James | 77 reviews

Just started using wavgen pro software. Working well on both my work station and render farm so far. need to queue a few frames every morning. Excellent customer service.
Jason Coutts | 77 reviews

Well what can I say except wavgen pro is fantastic. I am really enjoying the program. Ive been telling some of my friends about too. Thank You wavgen for the upgrade on my recent purchase. I was very impressed with version 3.
Jerome Beasley | 77 reviews

V3 is the best 3D terrain visualization software anywhere! CONGRATULATIONS. I downloaded V3 the day of release.
Michael Oliver | 77 reviews

Thanks very much for all your assistance. It was greatly appreciated. You have been one of the best software companies that I have dealt shall continue using this magnificent software.
Stefanie Richards | 77 reviews

This program is excellent. I have wavgen for my video game environment design group and works perfectly and the server you guys set up works amazing. Again, though - fantastic software.
Jens Klausen | 77 reviews

Use it all the time. Excellent product.
Christopher Cannes | 77 reviews

Just a quick message to say thank god I purchased the wavgen software!
Jeff Warren | 77 reviews

Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I bought a license for wavgen. I presently use wavgen pro and love it, so I suggested to our supervisor sthat we order a bunch of render nodes. I bet that wont be long
Joe McClaire | 77 reviews

I have been using the wavgen software for about a month and all I can say is WOW! The ability to use lightwave with an infinite amount of maps and textures is crazy.
Gabriel Grobant | 77 reviews

Ive been using this for over 2 years now and cannot live without it.
Andrew Appie | 77 reviews

It fullfils all my needs as a true flight simulation programmer! The ECW and JPEG2000 SDKs are very sweet.

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