WavGen Pro v3 Maya

WavGen Pro v3 Maya

Wavgen Terramapper Pro v3.0 (32/64)

WavGen Pro (Windows, OSX, and Linux) is the next generation of wavelet based applications that allows the user to load, model, animate, and render virtually unlimited size textures within Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage, and LightWave 3D with 100% third party tools, plugins, and render engine support. It includes five geodata layers of the globe, a shader (terrashader), procedural texture layer (inherent in the technology) and supports all datums and projection types. WavGen Terramapper Pro supports JPEG 2000 and ECW images, and multiple image conversion and compression tools are included.

Loading modelling, and rendering unlimited UV maps and textures is accomplished by only loading the parts of an image into memory that are actually visible in the final render in the resolution needed for the final image. To determine the optimum resolution of the image need for the render, WavGen Terramapper uses a number of variables, including for example the distance of the surface to the camera.

A smart caching system ensures that the performance hit on render times is minimal, especially when rendering out animations. This also reduces the load in file servers when rendering on a farm. The loading of scenes with WavGen's technology is much quicker than using natives images. When compared with ballooning EXR and MAP images, which expand the file as a bump map, the hit on the network and storage is minimal.

It has been our goal to integrate WavGen as tightly into any CG software as possible and to adhere to existing standards to make using it a smooth experience. We also include additional functionality, such as the 2K and 4K hardware texture in 3D software viewport.


System Capabilities

• Multithreading capabilities and render-farm performances

• 100% co-exists with 3D CG software and 3rd party software modules

• 100% third party tools, plugins, and renderers support native to OS

• Full Mentalray, VRay, FinalRender, Brazil, Turtle, Maxwell support 

• No more Jpeg Tiling & stitching, just one Terrabyte size wavelet file

• Realtime decoding at all zooms and incredible render performances

• Enhanced anti_aliasing & LOD features, no moireing & crawling ants

• Quickly reduce terrabytes of imagery down to a manageable size

• Free viewer, Photoshop plugin, & batch wavelet compressor

• No more malloc (memory allocation) problems during rendering

• Extremely high quality near realtime previsualizations

Miles Renner | 108 reviews

We love the WavGen Pro v3 for Maya and can attest to its superior mega and hyper texture handling in high dynamic ranges (Vray, Mentalray, RedShift, etc).
Noriyuki Kuramochi | 108 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for Maya (Vray, Mentalray, RedShift, etc) works flawlessly in all dynamic ranges and with JPEG2000 and also ECW.
Shoichi Nishimoto | 108 reviews

The wavgen technology allows you to load, model and render gigantic textures as if they were tiny jpegs, but at astounding detail and resolution.
Boyd Sparks | 108 reviews

WavGen plugin for Maya is the most amazing texturing and rendering technology utilizing ECW and JPEG2000 and WGW wavelet based technology.
Paulette Grenoble | 108 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for Maya is integrated into our large format film and televised products for years now. We cannot delivery timely productions without it.
Muriel Jackson | 108 reviews

The Wavgen Maya plugin allows us to integrate JPEG2000 and ECW textures and have saved countless hours loading and rendering scenes and frames.
Alton Nunez | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen plugin for 2017 is rediculous and brazen with technology. We are able to increase the quality of our scenes by an order of magnitude in rendering speed and render resolution.
Tracey Webster | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen JPEG200 ECW and JP2 compressors and the WavGen plugin suite is an astounding addition to our television and feature film pipelines.
Melba Wise | 108 reviews

We have been using WavGen for Maya Mentalray and Maya Vray and full support for Redshift for three years and are tied to it successfully, and consider this product exceptional.
,Benny Cummings | 108 reviews

The WavGen JPEG2000 and ECW nature of the format itself reduces all textures mathematically lossless. The other technolgies like EXR increase or balloons textures, slowing things down on storage and networks.
Daryl Casey | 108 reviews

,We deploy flight simulation with a game engine technology for NATO with extremely large textures and gridding out and deploying WavGen and EarthOnDrive data works perfect.
Cedric Mcdonald | 108 reviews

We purchased one Maya WavGen plugin to test last year, and are now currently completely turned over to WGW, EXR and JPEG2000 file formatting all our work flows.
Fannie Gutierrez | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen software allowed us to free up 39 TBs of textures and replace these with 1TB of equivalent lossless compressed textures, and render and worklow speed increased dramatically using ECW JPEG2000.
Casey Bush | 108 reviews

,We are one of the first animation studios to us Maya and XSI3.0 with WavGen. We are totally stoked with the latest high dynamic tange technology of Version 3.1.
Daphne Baird | 108 reviews

The WavGen Plugins for Maya Mentalray and Maya Vray and full support for Redshift are exceptional.Improved our storage and network and work load performances greatly!
Jovany Mckinney | 108 reviews

We have replaced our EXR texture work flow using JPG2000 and also ECW. Much better than EXR for high dynamic range renderings.
Antwan Cervantes | 108 reviews

Very large environment and scenes in our military game engine for Epic Unreal allows us superior quality and look and awesome integration in our work flows.
Karsyn Cooley | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen is working perfectly in our work low and we appreciate the special attention in python and GDAL (geodata abstraction library).
Paloma Adkins | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen software is a huge betterment to open EXR replacing it with ECW and JPEG2000 in high definition rendering.
Bryanna Steele | 108 reviews

We have deployed the plugins since Maya 2006 and XSI3.0. We are very happy with this technology.
Ava Delacruz | 108 reviews

We purchased a similar product a while back for lightwave but found this product to be much more appealing and less of a headache with custom installs and patchwork. This Software works on Windows and OSX while the other crashed all the time.
Jamie Warner | 108 reviews

We cannot beleive it has been around for 12 year and we just discovered WavGen. We just googled it and are using it daily in productions for Large Format Film and Television.
Jalen Vazquez | 108 reviews

We now can render very large textures and displacement maps and we can actually load them in 4K or 8K in the hardware texture viewport within Maya and also 3D Studio Max.
Pietra Stasnowsky | 108 reviews

WavGen plugin for Maya is a must have mega texture plugin solution for all computer graphics.
Jolie Fishel | 108 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for Maya is amazing as we can now load model and render terabytes of imagery inside of Maya. We use the ECW and JPEG2000 imagery for terrains and satellite data, as well as all our texturing and UV Maps and Displacement maps. It now supports 16bit and higher dynamic ranges (good bye EXR - no need for it).
Darnell Farmer | 108 reviews

The Wavgen Maya plugin allows us to integrate JPEG2000 and ECW textures with enormous resolution into our realistic engine and renderings.
Edmund Carr | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen plugin for 2018 is rediculously good, allowing us to scan in and render textrures of outrageous size and quality.
Melanie Alvarez | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen JPEG200 JP2 compressors and the WavGen plugin suite are a must for any effects house doign large format film, television, and commercial work. It is easy to integrate and a joy to work with.
Margo Mori | 108 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for Maya (Vray, Mentalray, RedShift, etc) is deployed on our renderfarms for many of our large format film, commercial and television workflows. And amazing high-dynamic range product able to fully test the standard of time (we first licensed in 1999).
Jeremiah Whelan | 108 reviews

We have used the wavgen technologies in the past, and after moving to a new production facility, immediately ordered another render stack.
Arnoldo Koehler | 108 reviews

We have deployed the WavGen Plugins Maya in its latest version, and no licensing hickups or any problems. Our existing models and data simply rendered and we were off and running.
Carrol Arredondo | 108 reviews

This is incredible WavGen Pro technology at its finest, with compression through the roof, and absolutely fast render times.
Stewart Thurman | 108 reviews

We have used the wavgen technologies for over 10 years now, and it has become a main staple in our produciton environment.
Guy Zaragoza | 108 reviews

The WavGen Pro software is a huge gain for our commercial, large format film, and television work flows. Much appreciated for this awesome technology.
Gerhard Holzer | 108 reviews

We have used the wavgen for Maya and Max for over 10 years now and the recent additions to allow 16bit and higher dynamic range images is outstanding.
Stefan Lotvin | 108 reviews

We have deployed the WavGen Plugins for Maya for several years now and recently upgraded to support 16bit and higher dynamic HD imagery, and could not be happier with this technology
Rupert Schnabel | 108 reviews

This is incredible WavGen Pro technology and we now can deploy high dynamic range and multi-/hyper spectral textures and displacement mapping with the greatest of ease.
Deepak Chaprah | 108 reviews

WavGen Pro integration into our large format film, television, and commercial work was very easy, and we are very suprrised to see high dynamic monstrous imagery and textures load and render in under 2 seconds per frame.
Cat Davis | 108 reviews

We use the Maya WavGen Pro plugin plugin quite often in TV, Commercial, and Film work. It now supprts high dynamic range imagery across JPEG2000, ECW, and WGW file formats. Much much better than EXR in every way.
Li Keqiang | 108 reviews

Our experience using the WavGen Pro v3 for Maya for large format film ,television, and commercial work has greatly reduced our overhead and quality of our products.
Gaimu Kishida | 108 reviews

WavGen Pro v3 for Maya now supports all bit depths up to 32bit per channel, and also supports many channels (up to 255), and also supports high dynamic ranges. In addition, the files are compressed in a lossless state (or lossy if you wish) using WGW or ECW/JPEG2000. Rendering speeds and compositing speeds are 100 times faster than using the bloated EXR file format. We are very very happy with this technology.
Felix Stueck | 108 reviews

We can load massive textures, displacement maps, UV maps, and other file sizes in 4K or 8K in the hardware texture viewport withinMaya and Max. Rendering is just as easy and a breeze. Phenomenal technology.
Kendrik Olavson | 108 reviews

The WavGen Plugins for Maya and its integration with Redshift, Vray and Mentalray are exceptional. Very well done!
Katja Milke | 108 reviews

Incredible WavGen Pro technology, allowing us to render gigantic high dynamic range imagery. We heard that WavGen Pro also predates Google Earth by more than 5 years. Amazing what these guys did in the 1990s.
Keith Ward | 108 reviews

We deploying very large environment and scenes and textures and UV maps in our game and FX studio and the WavGen Pro integration has helped us in many ways.
Jeremy Flores | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen Pro plugin with its newly integrated 16-bit and high high dynamic range color and displacement functionality is incredible. We are improving our work flows and especially render times enormously.
Alexander Dimm | 108 reviews

We have been using the WavGen Pro v3 for Maya plugin for both Linux and WIndows for almost a decade. Early Ehrlingher of Respower and also the folks at E=Powergate were the ones that mentioned this fine technology to us. We have been using it quite successfully since, and it has proven a work horse and money savers many times over.
Ute Utanabe | 108 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for Maya works 100% with all our thirs party tools and plugins (Vray, Mentalray, RedShift, etc) and a variety of or work flow needs.
Jason Hirsch | 108 reviews

The WavGen Pro v3 for Maya is a real hit in our shop, as we not only use the ECW and JPEG2000 imagery for terrains and satellite data, but much more use it for all our texturing and UV Maps and Displacement maps. It supports 16bit and higher dynamic ranges, but is so absolutely network and storage friendly. Awesome invention guys!
Cesar Carlisle | 108 reviews

We apply the WavGen Pro v3 for Maya on all our textures and UV Maps and displacement maps, not just on earth data. It is a remarkable product that saves us hours off of rendering normally enourmouse textures. Fine product which works very well with Iray and Vray.
Isabelle Anitzyca | 108 reviews

Happily using the WavGen Pro v3 for Maya 2016 via Vray and Mentalray.
Caroline Gelder | 108 reviews

Using the WavGen Pro v3 for Maya on a render farm of 200 physical nodes. Very powerful and saves tons on network bandwidth and storage.
Michael Drake | 108 reviews

Our desire for the WavGen Pro v3 Maya plugin and tool set was from a project we worked on this year together with WETA in New Zealand. We needed high color bit depth per channel, and also needed fast and network easy rendering performance. A complicate scene opened up in 45 minutes using a stadard tiff node base, but loaded in under 1 minutes using WavGen. These guys promise and deliver, and WavGen is the worlds only fast wavelet engine for Maya. We will remain very loyal to this technology.
Thomas Schmidt | 108 reviews

WavGen Pro v3 Maya is exactly what we are looking for in our 3D Terrain Visualizations. Excellent software and much improved to the other technologies we have tried.
Fritz Molldorf | 108 reviews

Incredible runtime technology and we can load massive textures and sizes in 4K or 8K in the hardware texture viewport within Maya and also 3D Studio Max.
Sven Derrick | 108 reviews

The WavGen Plugins for Maya Mentalray and Maya Vray are exceptional. Very well done!
Gutavo Gaviero | 108 reviews

We have replaced our EXR work flow using JPG2000 and also ECW. Much better than EXR for high dynamic range renderings.
Armand Cotier | 108 reviews

Deploying very large environment and scenes in our game and FX studio is not an issue now. Extremely light on storage and network. Awesome invention.
Gil Kaercher | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen is working perfectly, like it has over the last 10 years. Happy 2015 anniversary WavGen!.
Fritz Obermeier | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen software is a huge advancement to EXR in high definition rendering using JP2 libraries.
Chris Munzi | 108 reviews

WavGen Pro rocks. We have used the plugins since Maya 2006 and XSI3.0. We are extremely happy with this technology.
Guillaume Rafi | 108 reviews

We purchased somethig similar a while back for lightwave, but found this product to be much more appealing and less of a headache with custom installs and patchwork. The Software SIMPLY WORKS!
Manfred Hannitz | 108 reviews

Awesome and quite remarkable technology. Cannot beleiev it has been around for 12 years. We just googled it and are using it daily in productions for Large Format Film and Television.
Francis Schube | 108 reviews

Not only can we now render very large textures and displacement maps, we can actually load them in 4K or 8K in the hardware texture viewport within Maya and also 3D Studio Max. Remarkable...
Knut Amethson | 108 reviews

An awesome WavGen plugin for Maya. We dont understand why we havent heard from you sooner! Been looking for high resolution texture plugins for a while now.
Daniel Lopez | 108 reviews

We love the Maya plugin and work flow over EXR. Using JPG2000 over EXR for high dynamic range renderings is quite obvious to us.
Dediere Jean-Philipp | 108 reviews

Largest textured environments with our Wavgen software is not a problem now. We are a game studio in need of real life landscapes, and ECW data from EOD is working fine for us.
kathrin Junkers | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen is working in our render farm and delivering amazing renderings of Africa for or students.
Kai Krause | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen software is a huge advancement in high definition rendering using JP2 libraries, and much more effective than the EXR pipelines of the past.
Joshi Hunamari | 108 reviews

The Maya Wavgen software with mentalray allows us huge network and storage savings during rendering. Works perfectly well with both vray and mentalray.
Benny Mack | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen works awesome on the JPEG200 file format. No need to balloon the size of your textures 10x fold with EXR textures, when you can do the same high dynamic range stuff with jpeg2000 and reduce your imagery 10x fold.
Maki Mali | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen software is a great addition to our CG pipelines. Megatexture on a grand scale.
Leonard Sinnes | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen plugin is astounding. We compress to ECW and JPEG2000 and can render such very large textures. Impressive.
Katja Korint | 108 reviews

An awesome WavGen plugin for Maya. Hardware texture works at 4K, Why doesnt AutoDesk support this...
Cliff Maurice | 108 reviews

We love the Maya pluging down under. Thanks again
Paul Shackleton | 108 reviews

We are a game studio enjoying the environments created with this tool in Maya.
Kristen Kamm | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen is working well in Berlin
Kai Hammel | 108 reviews

our maya plugin is working fine in our highway contracts and forensics.
Dizzy Dreh | 108 reviews

We are successfully using the Maya WavGen plugins and are amazed at the texture sizes we can load into Vray and Mentalray - WTF???!
Marcel Goodwill | 108 reviews

The Maya WavGen works awesome on the JPEG200 file format. Thanks for the JP2 compressors.
Frederick Mendle | 108 reviews

This is a great software set. It allows you to take the basic information from the data sets I order and integrate them into 3D Studio Max and Maya (I run both). I find it very helpful when we prepare animations over Mars and Earth for our visual effects and TV project work.
Bob Kent | 108 reviews

Awesome program! On Mac.
Jack Smith | 108 reviews

Useful and stabile software for maya and vray when run in a queueing environment. I needed to really tweak the wavgen settings to make the workstation stable, and it now rocks. As for their GDAL and Script stuff as its their but doesnt come with the software installer.
Marcel Laurent | 108 reviews

Fantastic software. Astounding Maya and Max integration.
Sari Selemi | 108 reviews

I was looking for some 3D terrain visualization software that would help me get the mass of geodata under control. A fellow GIS/Animation friend told me that he used WavGen Pro and thought it amazing. I purchased a copy on that recommendation and started to use it. I have to admit that at first it was confusing and a bit overwhelming and the instructions were not the best. This product is fantastic. It does everything I wanted. Enjoy! It is worth the price.
Tyler Smith | 108 reviews

Wavgen pro is lightweight and easy to use. Lightning fast renders. Unbelievable to render multiple 20GB textures in under 2 seconds.
Franccisca Behring | 108 reviews

Only once have I needed support and even that was great.
Shane Broomfield | 108 reviews

This is a great software tool for Maya ad Mentalray! May seem pricey at first but it has my continued attention to detail:))) 16bit JPEG2000 renders are slower than the ECW renders, but it rocks! Lovin it!
Robert Lust | 108 reviews

Installed wavgen on my PC and started rendering HUGE textures in under 3 seconds as promised. This is magical.
Thomas Laundry | 108 reviews

Today I downloaded the wavgen fully functional program. I synced my geo data, built a modeled earth, and everything went without a hitch. I am planning on purchasing a bunch of render nodes soon.
Steven Klein | 108 reviews

I use wavgen pro for a variety of tv and film projects. Many times I use the ECW adn JPEG2000 stuff just for wood and floor textures. It speeds up render performances tremendously. Many greetings from Germany.
Chris Caan | 108 reviews

Ive been using the wavgen software for about 2 and a half years now, with only ever the most minor of problems, which Ive contacted the help team about, and EVERY time I have had a reply back within 24 hours. The support team, and management, are the most courteous and helpful people I have come across on the net. The software supplied by wavgen is easy to use and understand, and, in my opinion, is worth every penny I have spent on it.
Dale Andrews | 108 reviews

I have been using wavgen for many years. Its always been there when I need a powers of ten in my project work. Works great with mentalray and Vray in Maya.
Omkar Shertukde | 108 reviews

Like most I will start off w/ how much I love and enjoy the software wavgen pro. Its helped so much in generating the 3D terrain animations I want to present to my customers. A big FYI - it crashes every 90 or so frames so you will need to place the technology in a queued environment. Or you will need to tweak the wavgen pro settings carefully for each pass and shot.
Karl Greensides | 108 reviews

Have both the linux and windows versions for wavgen. Wavgen is great for rendering very large scenes and textures, as are the ECW and JPEG2000 files. Really good that you can set your own settings and parameters. Hardware texture viewport to 4K - Wow!!!
Bruce Day | 108 reviews

I just wanted to say that I bought the 3D Studio max and Maya versions of your software for our team in New York. I am thinking of purchasing additional render farm software. Thanks again for such easy to use and affordable software.
Jacques Caillault | 108 reviews

First, you should know I am a software engineer, having been in the business for nearly 30 years. I have coded more languages and environments than I care to remember! WavGen for Maya is truly unique in its class and I love the integration of the ECW and JPEG2000 libraries together with GDAL :-) I must tell you that, when I saw the Web page advertising your unlimited texture and huge uv mapping technology, I was reserved, knowing the limitations of Maya. Here at last was what I needed. Working, high-quality software is a rarity - as you must well know. THANK YOU.
John Touchton | 108 reviews

It truly does just keep getting better with these folks at WavGen and EarthOnDrive. And I have never come across any software for Maya or Lightwave or Studio Max that renders such enormous data files - EVER! The support the product like these guys do. If you have a problem or question you cant find the answer to in the FAQ or manual, in far less than a day, your answer will be in your mailbox.
Hiro Hito | 108 reviews

I have been using wavgen software for my Movie and Game projects since there first release, there programs have come a long way since then. I HIGHLY recommend any product by wavgen, there mobile maps further extend the capabilities of there main software letting you have unlimited rendering power. Very excited - Don nott hesitate.
Rick Lane | 108 reviews

Just upgraded to wavgen pro for Windows. I just have to say - BLOODY BRILLIANT! Thanks you guys. This is always what I wanted from this software the ability to render, load, model and queue 100s of huge maps and large uv textures. As I said BLOODY BRILLIANT!
Dugald McMillan | 108 reviews

No questions. Just a big thank you and your team for the update to Ver 3 of the wavgen pro. I will certainly pass the news on to my friends about the new site. Congradulations.
Glen Olsen | 108 reviews

I bought this software a long time ago. I think back in 2004 when we had a production in New Zealand. I find it to be the best out there for 3D terrain and rendering landscapes and environments. I have full and complete very high resolution control in my renderings using JPEG2000. And the hardware 4K viewport option is astounding. Our team usually waits for Maya to load hundred of textures into the hypershade for 10s of minutes, while a complex scene gets loaded. With wavgen, it literally loads in under 10 seconds (and I mean complex...).
Tim Cronan | 108 reviews

Ive been using your wavgen pro software for over six years and all I can say is job well done! Without it I would never be able to render such realistic landscapes. Keep up the good work!
Glen Randall | 108 reviews

I just wanted to say thanks for your great products. I bought my first copy of wavgen pro back in 2007 and found it great. It now keeps a permanent role in our powers of ten style terrain animations. You software just works. No dramas. Plus, its easy to use. Keep up the good work guys.
Don Meyer | 108 reviews

I have been a wavgen pro fanatic for nearly 5 years. It was very difficult to maintain my large data and terrain collections. I was using EXRs and MAPs but they are grossly to big after setting the scene files up and it takes forever to load Mayas hypershade. To do the job, adn load a scene in under 10 seconds, we started deploying wavgen pro. I found the wavgen web site and used the trial software for a day or two and I was hooked. The service is great and so are the owners!
Randy Miller | 108 reviews

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great software. I purchased your wavgen pro Software (for MAC). I installed it into my MAC, and was up and ready to go in just a few minutes. In less than 3 hours of work I had all my 200 frames rendered and tested. My older program which did not support MAC OSX has been replaced, and this is now my choice for doing this. I am anxiously awaiting your EOD Satellite Data Bundle will purchase more as soon as I finish this next project. Thanks for the good work and superb program. Super Job!!
John Kincade | 108 reviews

Been using the wavgen pro software for some time now, and these maps I just purchased are wonderful as it allows me to render my data without copyright issues and logos.
Ginger Baker | 108 reviews

We have been using this wavgen software for about 6 years now. I just need to upgrade mine to the newer version. But I cannot say enough good about it. We also have the movie reviewers doing summersaults around the shots we have presented them with over the years. I hesitate to say that maybe a good portion of our recurring business is due to wavgen. And I dont have to mess with copyright protection stuff concerning geo data. I own the data!?! Yes! Between the film and tv projects, and tv commercials, our projects do a lot of powers of ten style terrain views. Wavgen is a must!

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