WavGen Pro v3 Softimage XSI

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WavGen Pro v3 Softimage XSI


Wavgen Terramapper Pro v3.0 (32/64)

WavGen Pro (Windows, OSX, and Linux) is the next generation of wavelet based applications that allows the user to load, model, animate, and render virtually unlimited size textures within Maya, 3D Studio Max, Softimage, and LightWave 3D with 100% third party tools, plugins, and render engine support. It includes five geodata layers of the globe, a shader (terrashader), procedural texture layer (inherent in the technology) and supports all datums and projection types. WavGen Terramapper Pro supports JPEG 2000 and ECW images, and multiple image conversion and compression tools are included.

Loading modelling, and rendering unlimited UV maps and textures is accomplished by only loading the parts of an image into memory that are actually visible in the final render in the resolution needed for the final image. To determine the optimum resolution of the image need for the render, WavGen Terramapper uses a number of variables, including for example the distance of the surface to the camera.

A smart caching system ensures that the performance hit on render times is minimal, especially when rendering out animations. This also reduces the load in file servers when rendering on a farm. The loading of scenes with WavGen's technology is much quicker than using natives images. When compared with ballooning EXR and MAP images, which expand the file as a bump map, the hit on the network and storage is minimal.

It has been our goal to integrate WavGen as tightly into any CG software as possible and to adhere to existing standards to make using it a smooth experience. We also include additional functionality, such as the 2K and 4K hardware texture in 3D software viewport.


System Capabilities

• Multithreading capabilities and render-farm performances

• 100% co-exists with 3D CG software and 3rd party software modules

• 100% third party tools, plugins, and renderers support native to OS

• Full Mentalray, VRay, FinalRender, Brazil, Turtle, Maxwell support 

• No more Jpeg Tiling & stitching, just one Terrabyte size wavelet file

• Realtime decoding at all zooms and incredible render performances

• Enhanced anti_aliasing & LOD features, no moireing & crawling ants

• Quickly reduce terrabytes of imagery down to a manageable size

• Free viewer, Photoshop plugin, & batch wavelet compressor

• No more malloc (memory allocation) problems during rendering

• Extremely high quality near realtime previsualizations


Paul Hubner | 7 reviews

We use WavGen Pro v3 and we love it. Much of our work flow and pipeline scripting us based around this remarkable product. Just upgraded to the lates versions and it now has even more perofrmance improvements over v2.5.
Ronald Metzler | 7 reviews

We use WavGen Pro v3 for realistic landscapes. Excellent addition to Vray and Mentalray as well as Vue for atmospheres.
Ron Schneider | 7 reviews

Good software for realistic landscapes. Works flawlessly with Vray and Mentalray and Vue for atmospheres.
Dustin Hawthorn | 7 reviews

I just wanted to say thank you, yet again.
Maria Drachenstein | 7 reviews

I really like the service and product and you guys are awesome. See you at the Los Angeles Siggraph 2012 this year.
Andrew Ramkisson | 7 reviews

Thanks again for the terrific program and working with me on the switching of the licenses between platforms. Keep up the great deliveries on your product features and terrific customer support.
Kent Carlson | 7 reviews

Just a quick note to thank you guys for the best, without a doubt, support in the wavgen software libraries ECW and JPEG2000. I have been a customer of yours for many years and I can testify to your great service from my own experience.

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