World Elevation SRTM XSAR

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World Elevation SRTM XSAR

World DEM XSRT 30/90 meter resolution data


We have collected 9,345 individual JPEG2000 16bit signed integer tiles in WGS84 and Geodetic that cover the whole earth - BUNDLED - state by state. We took great care in delivering the data sets in a directory structure for your ease of deployment. You could download these files individually at the USGS for free but we have already completed this process for you.


WGS84 Geodetic 

Bit Depth 16bit per channel color (signed)

Delivered as no loss geotiff and RAW



1,512 GB uncompressed (1,512,147 bytes)



X 1296003 Y 417603


Delivered on a 1TB drive.

Brok Golin | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR Data Bundle is exactly what we have been looking for, ease of deployment and excellent accessibility, and no downloading required.
Blane Ferrick | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR EOD bundle is complete within sub-pixels, and can be perfectly matched to other data sources locally or deployed within any of the image web server technologies. Fine job and delivery.
Grace Korzennik | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR came pre-tiled in ZIP files would have been a nightbare to organize and download elsewhere. We simply ordered the data and the package came the very next day via FEDEX. Done.
Mechelle Toomey | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR Data Bundle would have taken years to download from the USGS, and we ordered it same day. Well done EarthOnDrive.
Emmanuel Tacon | 22 reviews

Ordering and integrating the Earthondrive World Elevation SRTM XSAR into our image web servers was easy and catapulted our times of delivery to under 1 week. High quality data and excellent support as well!
Janos Eder | 22 reviews

Downloading the World Elevation SRTM XSAR would have taken us quite a few months, and then processing the imagery another large quantity of time. Earthondrive delivers this all on a single hard drive and to the punch.
Pauline Dhor | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR is packed as geotiff tiles and has taken us less than 2 minutes to order. The geospatial data arrived on disk today, and was instantly brought into ArcGIS and our imagery work flow.
Maggie Mcarthy | 22 reviews

We use the World Elevation SRTM XSAR Data Bundle together with TerraBuilder to create extremely rich Microsoft FSX flight simulation data, and the data integration was spot on and clean. Exactly what we expected, without all the months of downloads at other data sources.
Ali Berkale | 22 reviews

Our World Elevation SRTM XSAR data which comes with no licensing strings attached, was one of the best 2015 purchases we made this year. Thank you very much!
Manni Mae-Lin | 22 reviews

We purchased the World Elevation SRTM XSAR to augment our ASTER data be licensed last year. Integration of both data sets now allows our company to resell our own brand of elevation data, at an ourtstanding 20m resolution. This was not possible without the full EarthOnDrive support team and dat sales.
Andre Kostinov | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR is a classic data set that we finally now own in house. We stopped downloading for weeks on end and simply purchased the goods, which came on a hard drive in under one week.
David Frost | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR Data Bundle is exactly as one would download the data from the USGS. Only its a one time purchase with no frills and the data arrived in under 3 business days.
Manny Klenn | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR is a final addition to our imagery collections as we bought much of the store in 2013. We are a very happy return customer.
Franz Liebherr | 22 reviews

We need this for our game engine and the World Elevation SRTM XSAR came pre-tiled in ZIP files which directly fit into our GDAL runtime engine.
Gene Saundersl | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR Data Bundle is working just perfectly in our military game engine we programmed last year for the US Government, and we are glad to see EOD make its way past the 5 year mark. Congratulations!
Manual Minsk | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR was a must in the R-n-D portion of our telecommunicaitons company, which happens to be Motorola. Great products and we will continue purchasing this summer.
Onut Afran | 22 reviews

We use the World Elevation SRTM XSAR and asked to deliver convert to US military quads, in several formats.Data arrvived 5 business days later. Perfect and hassle free order
Sean Gil | 22 reviews

The detail of this fourth generation data set is astounding. We like the World Elevation SRTM XSAR data bundle and many thanks.
Emil Sulzbach | 22 reviews

The World Elevation SRTM XSAR is in a perfect format and directory structure to be placed right into an application or image web server. The data arrived the next day via FEDEX and was being served that evening.
Rubin Montgomery | 22 reviews

This World Elevation SRTM XSAR is 100 percent complete and to the core good. We rely on this data daily in our work flow.
Bruce Long | 22 reviews

We needed this highly accurate USGS product called World Elevation SRTM XSAR to create sub pixel hypsography DEM data and convert these to wire frames and height fields. The dat ais 100% pure and accurate to the USGS. No download required, as we just purchased the license free data once.
Lori Delosier | 22 reviews

LOVE this product! A school teachers dream, thanks!

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